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Where there’s no will, there’s no way. One of the best ways to improve your personal growth is to master your own motivation and find your inner drive.

If you learn how to master your inner motivation, you will also learn how to deal with all the setbacks in life, as well as inspire yourself to always find a way forward, creating new experiences for yourself, and follow your dreams.

Some people just do it

Some individuals seem to be more motivated than others to put all their resources down to reach their goals. Elite athletes as well as entrepreneurs and careerists are examples of this.

They seem to be ready to make a little more effort than the average fellow human beings in order to achieve their goals and self-realization.

They don’t need anyone telling you what to do, they don’t need anyone checking your homework and they don’t need any “likes” in order to go to the gym. They just do it.

Whys that? And how comes so many people are giving up on their training ambitions?

Finding your inner drive

Finding your inner drive is about finding your inner motivation “Internal motivation”.

Internal motivation is the motivation that comes from the inside, usually enhanced by the reward that the activity itself provides. It can be as simple as moving fast forward when running. It can also be about the feeling of mastery, development, joy or happiness that the activity gives you. A person who has the inner motivation wants to perform an activity for the sake of the activity.

External motivation is the type of motivation that comes from external circumstances, something from outside that is perceived rewarding. The simplest and most common example of this is getting money to exercise a task. Other examples of external rewards that can serve as motivation are status, recognition, praise, prizes, benefits and “Likes”.

When you find true happiness in doing something you probably found your inner motivation and inner drive.

Consistency is the key to accomplishments

When you found your inner drive, it will probably be easier to do things, even the days when you don’t feel like it. Consistency is the key to many accomplishments in life, whether it’s in sport, business, or in your personal life.

Sometimes, no matter how important your goals are to you, it’s a struggle to bring your best effort to your gym session (or work up the motivation to make it happen at all). But whether you’re trying to lose weight, train for a race, keep your stress in check, or any of the other worthwhile reasons to make fitness a part of your life, staying consistent is the key, even when you really, really, really don’t feel like it.

Found true happiness in SkyRunning

When I run my second SkyRunning Marathon mastering the last mountain I got this feeling of true happiness as you rarely feel in the present.

So, now even if the summer SkyRunning season seems quite far away from now, I feel more motivated than ever. Running in the snow 🙂

This is what happend and how a made up my mind actually doing a change of direction in my own life. Many people want. But a few do it.

Katinka Nyberg, Åre SkyRunning Marathon 2018, Sweden
Katinka Nyberg, Åre SkyRunning Marathon 2018, Sweden

/Katinka Nyberg

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