Eye of the Tiger

3 races and 3 victories. This year has for sure been different... Like everyone, last winter I was preparing for many races this year, new races in different countries, favorite races in my country, camps with the Arduua team ... The winter was really good in terms of training. I worked a lot on speed,... Continue Reading →

Strength and mobility for Skyrunners

Running does not create strong abdominal muscles, but it requires that you have them... Blog by Snezana Djuric, Arduua Frontrunner... I know a lot of runners think they don’t need it, or they’re bored of doing exercises and spending time at the gym.Well, I'll tell you how I think, sometimes you have to do something... Continue Reading →

Mountain equipment for your safety

Skyrunning is nothing like street running and the equipment that you need to bring is very important for your safety. In this blog post you can read more about Snezana's experiences of the mountains and which type of equipment you need to bring for training and for racing... Blog by Snezana Djuric, Arduua Frontrunner and... Continue Reading →

Uphill and downhill training

Skyrunning is nothing like street running, and anyone who has done it knows how much muscles it takes to go uphill and how much your knees will suffer going downhill. In this blog post you can read more about how Snezana specifically is training for the uphills and for the downhills... Blog by Snezana Djuric,... Continue Reading →

A childhood on the mountain

We all have our beginnings. I like to share with you a story about how my beginnings on the mountain were like. Blog by Snezana Djuric, Arduua Frontrunner and a continuation of the story… Different shades of success Me and my grandmother. Me and my grandmother I live in the city, that's where I was... Continue Reading →

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