Camp Valle de Tena - Low altitude
Spain / 14 Apr — 19 Apr 2021
001—Camp Valle de Tena - Low altitude

Camp Valle de Tena, Pyrenees, Spain

Run, train and discover some of the most beautiful mountains of Tena Valley in the Spanish Pyrenees.

This is the time of the year when the highest peaks are still covered in snow, and it’s very beautiful. This will be our first camp for the season and a little warm up for the high altitude camp in June, and the big challenge Trail Valle de Tena in the end of August.

We welcome all levels of Skyrunners, from any country. If you havn’t tried Skyrunning before, you are also welcome to join us and we will introduce you to this fantastic sport. Although the routes requires that you are familiar with Trail-running, are in good fitness, and have trained some desnivels before you get here.

At the camp we will also do some specific training and teach you technique for the uphill, downhill, training with sticks etc. We will also go through the importance of hydration, nutrition, and equipment.

We will split up into two groups, one for the elite-amateurs and one for amateurs, and we will try to make this a very good quality training camp for all levels of runnners.

14 APR
Check in, evening
15 APR
Day 1 – Tramacastilla de Tena
From Tramacastilla de Tena – Betato forest – Ibon de Piedrafita - Piedrafita Arc – Piedrafita village – Tramacastilla de Tena 18KM / 600 D+, Max altitude:1800m (difficulty: easy)
16 APR
Day 2 – Gavin
From Gavin – Puñero Ridges - Gavin. 20KM / 1200 D+, Max altitude:2000m (difficulty: medium)
17 APR
Day 3 – Sallent de Gallego
From Sallent de Gallego – La Sarra Dam – Foratata mountain – Formigal - Sallent. 15KM / 900 D+, Max altitude: 2300m (difficulty: medium)
18 APR
Day 4 – Panticosa
From Panticosa – Caldares River - Yenefrito´s finger - Panticosa. 14KM / 600 D+, Max altitude: 1700m (difficulty: easy)
19 APR
Check out, travel home

Hotel Mariana, Tramacastilla de Tena

Staying in the picturesque mountain hotel, Hotel Mariana, Tramacastilla de Tena, You have the option to share a room with another runner (separate beds), or book your own room.

How to get here

How to get here

If you are travelling internationally, the easiest way to get here is to fly to Barcelona, Spain. From here we recommend that you rent a car for the 3,5 hour drive to Tramacastilla de Tena.

We can assist you if you would like to meetup with other runners at Barcelona airport, and rent a car together.

Included in the package


Accommodation: 5 nights at Hotel Mariana, Tramacastilla de Tena.

Meals: All meals are included (breakfast, lunch packs and dinner for 5 days).

Activities All the activities are included in the packages.

Not included

You travel here buy yourself, and flight ticket and transfer (rental car) is NOT included in the package.

Mandatory Equipment

In any mountain race in Europe there is always a list of mandatory equiplement that you will bring for your safety. This is the mandatory equipment for this camp, that is also is valid for most of races in Europe:

  1. Trail-running west
  2. Trail-running shoes suitable for rocky mountains
  3. Sticks (not mandatory but very useful)
  4. Waterproof jacket (minimum 10,000 Schmerber, with integrated hood, long, breathable sleeves).
  5. Survival thermal blanket (minimum 140cm by 200cm).
  6. Cap or tubular and thermal gloves with fingers.
  7. Waterproof pants and gloves.
  8. Whistle.
  9. Energy (bars), electrolytes, salt etc.
  10. Hydration system (minimum 1.5 litre).
  11. Mobile phone.
  12. Front light.
  13. Long pants or tights and technical long-sleeved shirt. Running with them is not mandatory, they can be loaded if desired.
  14. Adhesive bandage for functional bandage (minimum one meter).
  15. Extra warm clothing in case the weather becomes cold, snowy and windy.
Questions about this training camp?

Send us an e-mail at katinka.nyberg@arduua.com

Camp Valle de Tena - Low altitude Packages

14 Apr — 19 Apr 2021

Camp packages includes activities, accomodation and meals.

Camp Valle de Tena, shared roomSingle bed in a shared room.
Camp Valle de Tena, private roomSingle bed in a private room.
20% deposit required to secure your place. Outstanding balance due 1 month before trip. Price includes tax.


Arduua coaching brings a specific approach to training for Skyrunning and trail running. We build strong runners who rise to meet the physical, technical and mental challenges of skyrunning.

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002—The stages

The stages


Day 1 - Tramacastilla de Tena 15 Apr 2021

Distance 18KM / 600 D+
Difficulty Easy

From Tramacastilla de Tena – Betato forest – Ibon de Piedrafita - Piedrafita Arc – Piedrafita village – Tramacastilla de Tena . Max altitude: 1800 m.

Day 2 - Gavin16 Apr 2021

Distance 20KM / 1200 D+
Difficulty Medium

From Gavin – Puñero Ridges - Gavin. , Max altitude: 2000 m.

Day 3 - Sallent de Gallego17 Apr 2021

Distance 15KM / 900 D+
Difficulty Medium

From Sallent de Gallego – La Sarra Dam – Foratata mountain – Formigal - Sallent. Max altitude: 2300 m.

Day 4 - Panticosa18 Apr 2021

Distance 14KM / 600 D+
Difficulty Easy

From Panticosa – Caldares River - Yenefrito´s finger - Panticosa. Max altitude: 1700 m.

Make sure you meet the requirements for the race you are interested in. Race website

004 - Team Arduua

Team Arduua

A dedicated team of coaches and skyrunners.


Fernando Armisen

Head Coach

A mountain runner with a passion for sport in natural environments Fernando is a personal trainer specialising in Skyrunning & Trail with a focus on preparing trail runners for all distances, from vertical kilometres to mountain ultras and skyraces.


Snezana Djuric

Elite runner, Physical therapist

From a very young age Snezana has been in love with the mountains. She turned her passion into her career and is now a professional mountain runner who has reached the top in her home country.


Katinka Nyberg

Founder, Arduua

Katinka takes care of the administrative stuff and makes sure your race trip experience will be something to remember!

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