Skyrunning Training Camp – Valle de Tena

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Trail Valle de Tena
Trail Valle de Tena

Skyrunning Training Camp,
Valle de Tena, Spain – Package

The camp will be located in the beautiful mountain environment of Valle de Tena, Spain. On the camp we will do Trail Valle de Tena 4K in 4 stages. A very hard, high-altitude mountain race of 43 KM / 3 600 D+ in the end of August. We are also arranging a race trip to this race if you like to come along and run in our team.

The camp is cancelled because of COVID19.

28 April – 3 May

28 April – Check in, in the evening

29 April – Stage 1 – 4K Trail Valle de Tena
From Refugio casa de Piedra to the peak of Garmo negro and back to the Refugio.
12 KM / 1 600 D+ (difficulty, high)

30 April – Stage 2 – 4K Trail Valle de Tena
From Refugio casa de Piedra to Refugio Bachimaña- Ibones azules-Collado Tebarray-Refugio Respomuso-Embalse de lasarra.

22 KM / 1 250 D+ (difficulty, medium)

1 May – Stage 3 – 4K Trail valle de Tena

From Lasarra to Respomusoand then ascending to the Collado de musales and back to Lasarra.
18 KM / 1200 D+ (difficulty, medium)

2 May – Stage 4 – 4K Trail Valle de Tena
From Sallent to Panticosa.
11 KM / 700 D+ / 850 D- (difficulty, easy)

3 May – Check out, travel home

Trail Valle de Tena 4K, 43 KM / 3 600 D+
Trail Valle de Tena 4K, 43 KM / 3 600 D+

Training camp package: 900 Euro (incl. tax)

Included in the package


Accommodation in a very nice and picturesque mountain hotel, Hotel Mariana, Tramacastilla de Tena. You will share a room with another runner, separate beds.

Hotel Mariana, Tramacastilla de Tena
Hotel Mariana, Tramacastilla de Tena


All meals are included in the packages (breakfast, lunch packs and dinner).

How to get here

You travel here by yourself, and flight ticket is NOT included in the package.

If you come from another country, the best way to get here is to fly to Barcelona, Spain. From there we will recommend that you rent a car. There is about 3,5 hours’ drive to Tramacastilla de Tena.

We can of course help you to get you in contact with other runners and arrange for meetup at Barcelona airport.


For booking or if you have any questions, please contact

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