Coached by ArduuaMichal Rohrböck
3 October 2023

“A Dream Achieved”

My journey with Arduua and Coach Fernando has been nothing short of transformative. They provided the guidance and support that made my dream of conquering a 100 km race a reality.

Starting with Arduua in June 2020, I transitioned from flat terrain to the mountains, gaining valuable experience in shorter races. The dream of completing a 100 km race had always been with me, and Arduua’s training program gave me the tools to make it a reality.

Over three years of dedicated training, my perspective on mountain running evolved, shifting from mileage to training time, intensity, and personal experience. This shift in mindset was pivotal in preparing me for my first 100 km race.

I successfully completed the “Východniarska stovka,” a challenging 100 km race, in 18 hours and 39 minutes, securing 17th place. The emotions upon crossing the finish line are indescribable, and I credit Coach Fernando and Arduua for this incredible achievement.

Looking ahead, I’m excited to take on new challenges with the unwavering support of Arduua.

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Michal Rohrböck

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