SkyRunning marathon week in Åre, Sweden
4 February 2019

SkyRunning marathon week in Åre, Sweden

SkyRunning marathon week in Åre has grown into a real running festival with lots of races and activities for both runners, friends and family. The event takes place in Åre, Sweden, July 27 – August 3, 2019. 

Åre is a small little cute town located in the north of Sweden, famous for its beautiful nature and varied mountain environment.

View from the trail Vertical K (Åreskutan).

It’s almost become a family tradition spending our summer vacation here, as I like to attend the *SkyRunning Marathon race “Kia Fjällmataton, 43 km”.

Except for SkyRunning the range of things to do in Åre is great if you like outdoor activities. Here are some of activities that me and my family did together during the week last year.

Hiking in the beautiful nature

Great hiking in Åre for you and your family! We experienced some of the hikes and there is something for everyone.

Hiking in Ullodalen / Åre on our way to ”Ullån”

Swimming in rivers and waterfalls

“Ullån” had a temperature around 21 degrees and we spend a whole day here sunbathing. The kids just loved the river and the waterfalls, and it kept them busy for hours.

Swimming in Ullån, Åre, Sweden

Horseback riding in Ottsjö

We experienced horseback riding with Iceland horses in Ottsjö. In a tough and rough mountain environment the horses took us safely both up and down the mountains, and the kids just loved it.

Horseback riding Ottsjö, Åre, Sweden

Trying out Peak Performence Vertical K

Peak Performance Vertical K is 5 Km, and 1 000 meters in vertical climb from Åre square to “Åreskutan” top. Part of it is so steep, that you have to climb with ropes.

Peak Performence Vertical K.

Just for fun I tried it out during the week, and I loved it. This year I have signed up for the real race and it’s going to be a tough one.

Lundhags Minimarathon

It is time again for last year’s success with 220 starting children, august 2, 2019 in Edsåsdalen.

My kids Tom and Matilda run it last year and they loved it.

Lundhags Minimarathon

“Kia fjällmaraton 43 Km, Åre”

Finally, the best part of it. “Kia fjällmaraton Åre” A SkyRunning marathon race of 43 km, 2 100 vertical meters.

The conditions last year were quite good, and the trail wasn’t that muddy as the year before that.

This time I was so much more prepared than year before (mu first race), and I knew what it was all about. The race went quite well, and I almost accomplished my goal 7:45 and finished the race at 7:49 (which was an hour better than the year before).

Kia fjällmaraton 43 km, Välliste
Kia fjällmaraton 43 km 2018 Katinka Nyberg, Finisher

The race was a pleasure all the way through. The feeling of running downhill very fast with full focus was like living in the moment for real. All the work I put on this was absolutely 100% worth it, and for sure it was one of the best days in my life (except for the day when I got married to Fredrik and when my 8-year-old twins Tom and Matilda were born).

Of course, I have signed up for the race 2019 too ad my goal is to make it in 6,5 hours.

/Katinka Nyberg

* Definition of SkyRunning Marathon is a that the race has a minimum distance 30 km and under five hours’ winner’s time. Minimum 2,000 m vertical climb. Source International Skyrunner Federation.

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