About Arduua

Arduua is for runners who challenge themselves. Runners who push their boundaries, who dream big, who strive to improve and who love the mountains. As well as coaching, we host training camps and race trips throughout the year and have a growing global online community.

A word from Katinka our founder…

I started this company as a blog in the end of 2018 because I love everything about Skyrunning. The lifestyle, the people, the challenge, the value base, the never give up attitude, and of course the beautiful mountains. Now the company has become more than that and I’m very proud of that!

Katinka Nyberg, Founder & Entrepreneur that loves Skyrunning.
Katinka Nyberg, Founder & Entrepreneur that loves Skyrunning.

A word from Fernando, our head coach…

I am a trainer specialised in running sports and trail running, very focused in preparing whole seasons for all distance runners, from vertical kilometres to ultra trails. I design individual training plans to help everyone achieve their goals and I motivate my clients ensuring they unearthed their full potential. I also offer continuous advice on nutrition, equipment’s, tools and any other matter that would lead to an improvement of performance and health in relation with outdoor sports.

Fernando Armisén, co-owner, headcoach specialised in Skyrunning & Trail.
Fernando Armisén, co-owner and head coach specialised in Skyrunning & Trail.

A word from Snezana, our Skyrunner pro…

I love the mountains, so it was logical for me to start with mountain running. The mountains inspire me, motivates me and give me special energy. Ever since I was a child when my grandmother took me for a walk in the mountains to cure my lungs I started to love and respect the mountain.

Last year I was the winner of the Serbian Skyrunning Series and I’m very happy for that. Everything is possible, the impossible just takes a little more time!

Snezana Djuric, SyRunner Frontrunner and assistance coach.
Snezana Djuric, Arduua Frontrunner and Assistance coach.

A word from Fredrik, one of the owners…

I’m an entrepreneur, totally new in Skyrunning industry. This will be very exciting being a part of this journey,

Fredrik Nyberg, Entrepreneur, Owner
Fredrik Nyberg, Entrepreneur, Owner

Where to find us

Check out our social media accounts to get in touch with Skyrunners all over the world. We invite all types of Skyrunners, of all levels, all ages, from any kind of social background.

Although we have one requirement to get into the SkyRunner Adventurers group. That you have passion for Skyrunning and are actively doing the sport.

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/arduua/

Facebook group: SkyRunner Adventurers

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/arduua/

If you are interested in joining us, and/or to take part of exciting skyrunning adventurers 2020, please contact katinka.nyberg@arduua.com.

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