Fernando Armisén – Trailrunning Coach

Fernando Armisén
Trailrunning Coach

Specialized in Skyrunning, Trail and Ultra-trail!

I’m Fernando Armisén! A passionate trailrunner, and a professional trailrunning coach from Spain, specialized in Skyrunning, Trail and Ultra-trail. I’m focused in preparing any level of trailrunner for any distances, from vertical kilometers and short trailraces to mountain marathons, ultra-trails and skyraces.

I’ve been coaching trailrunners from Spain for many years now, and when Katinka Nyberg (Arduua Founder) asked me if I would like to join her in this international Arduua Project, in the new role as Arduua Head Coach, there were no doubts about it. This is for me a dream project, being able to spread the passion and the great knowledge of Trailrunning to the rest of the world.

Now, it’s almost 3 years since we started Arduua, and a lot has happened since then. Today, we have a very strong and motivated international team, and a mature and well-developed training platform. Everything prepared very well, and all the features in place to be able to offer all our runners a high-quality coaching service, and individual training plans online.

Today we are round 60 runners in our team, and 2 coaches. The plans for upcoming season and races are in full swing, and we are ready to take on some more runners, heading for new goals and challenges.

I believe that sports should be done in its natural environment, and that the combination of SPORTS & NATURE are true magical.

My home base for Trailrunning is Tena Valley in the Spanish Pyrenees, just one hour of drive from Zaragoza, the city where I live. I usually go there for trailrunning in the weekends, and we also use to go here together with Team Arduua for Camps and Races.

If you like to know more about Arduua, How we train, our Coaching Plans, Trailrunning Garment, or Race trips,  please check it out or send me an e-mail at fernando.armisen@arduua.com.