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How we train

How we train

We want to support you to reach your goals, to outperform yourself and to have your best day every time you race.

What’s involved?

All of our training plans are tailored to each individual, making them unique to you. Your coach builds your plan based on your goals, upcoming races, personal and work commitments and running history.

Your training plan and support will be built on the following key elements:

  • Physical training (strength, speed, balance),
  • Skills for skyrunning (mobility, flexibility, reactions, mental strength)
  • Running technique (for maximum efficiency and endurance)
  • non-physical factors (race management, motivation, nutrition, kit).

How We do it

It is not the kilometres you put into your training, but what you put into the kilometres.

To run long distances you need to be able to run in a very low pulse zone to conserve energy, so our training is based on polarized training, heart-rate running and a focus on duration vs distance.

Individualized For You

Using the information gathered through our Arduua Tests for Skyrunning as part of the Build Your Plan phase, we will be able to determine your base fitness level to create a training plan that is 100% tailored for you.


Training sessions are based on heart-rate (monitored using a chest strap and running watch) using pulse zones 1-5. These zones will be unique to you and will be defined by your coach based on tests conducted during Build Your Plan.>

20:80 Polarized Method

This is a very effective training methodology that we use with many of our runners in order to build endurance, especially in pre-season. 20% of your running training will be at your maximal capacity (pulse zone 5), 80% will be very easy (pulse zones 1-2).

Duration vs Distance

All of our training plans are built on the length of time per training session, not on the distance you need to run. This makes your plan specific for you and where you are in your training journey (for example, one runner may run 8km in 1 hour while another may run 12km, all in the same pulse zone).

Periodisation & Training Load

To ensure that you are in your very best shape on race day, your coach will monitor your training in Trainingpeaks and adjust your plan accordingly, this may be with more intense training sessions, more easy runs or managing your tapering ahead of your race.

Races ABC

We factor the races you want to run in to your training plan breaking them down into A races, B races and C races.

  • A Races: Main races where we will ensure you are in peak condition and ready to outperform yourself.
  • B Races: Races similar to the A in terms of distance, height gain, terrain etc. where you will test strategies, kit, pace etc. to use in your A races.
  • C Races: Races that will not modify our planning and we will integrate them into your training plan.


All of our training programmes use Trainingpeaks which is an excellent, easy-to-use tool for planning, managing and analysing training, as well as communicating directly with your coach

How to: sync Trainingpeaks

How to: use Trainingpeaks with your coach

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How to: sync Trainingpeaks

How to: use Trainingpeaks with your coach

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How we train

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