Arduua Trail running Coaching – How it works

Our trail running coaching is designed to provide you with personalized training plans and one-on-one coaching that cater to your unique needs and goals. We specialize in Trail Running, Skyrunning, and Ultra Trail, and our team of coaches is dedicated to helping you achieve your best performance.

Expert Coaches: Our coaches hold a minimum 4-year university degree in sports science, with additional specialization in Trail Running, Skyrunning, and Ultra Trail. They are well-equipped to guide runners of all levels, from beginners to elites.

Bilingual Support: Our coaches are fluent in both Spanish and English, ensuring effective communication and support.

Tailored Training Plans: Your training plan will be customized based on your fitness level, goals, and preferences.

Here’s How It Works:

1. Find Your Perfect Training Program

Browse our range of training programs that suit your fitness level, distance preferences, and budget. We offer personal coaching online, individualized training plans, race-specific plans, and general training plans for distances from 5k to 170k.  Find your Trail running Training program >>

2. Sign Up

Register for your chosen coaching service through our website. Choose your Coaching Plan and make your initial payment via credit card. You’ll be billed a one-time fee for the startup week, “Build Your Plan,” followed by a monthly subscription fee.

3. Complete the Health Declaration

Upon signing up, you’ll receive a welcome email containing a link to your Health Declaration. This questionnaire gathers essential information about your health, fitness level, running history, injury record, goals, available training time, and training tools.

4. Start-Up Week and Testing

Your journey begins with the Build Your Plan startup week, which includes:

  • A strength/mobility test (video format)
  • An easy running test in zones 1-2
  • A hard running test to determine your maximum capacity and training zones
  • Analysis of your running stride through a submitted video Optionally, you can perform a stress test at a local center and share the results with your coach.

5. Tailored Training Plan & Sessions

Following the tests, your coach designs a personalized training plan in Trainingpeaks based on your current status, objectives, and availability. Running sessions, strength exercises, mobility routines, and stretches are all meticulously planned. Running sessions are pre-programmed into Trainingpeaks, automatically syncing with your training watch and pulse band. Real-time guidance ensures effective training within the prescribed zones.

6. Ongoing Coach Interaction

Your coach reviews and analyzes your training sessions weekly/monthly, providing valuable feedback and comments. Depending on your chosen Coaching Plan, you’ll receive communication ranging from once a month to multiple times a week. New training plans are created based on your progress and well-being.

7. Choose the Right Coaching Plan for You

We offer various Coaching Plans tailored to your preferences, from Monthly Coaching to Elite Coaching, each with varying levels of coach interaction, review, communication, and feedback.

8. What You’ll Need

To get started, you’ll need a Trainingpeaks-compatible training watch and an external pulse band (chest strap) for pulse measurement.

9. Our Training Approach

Trail running in mountainous terrain is distinct from road running. Learn more about our training approach and methods.

Ready to Elevate Your Trail Running?

Whether you’re aiming for personal improvement or competitive success, Arduua’s Trail Running Coaching provides the expertise, guidance, and community to support your journey.

For more details and pricing information about our coaching plans, visit Trail Running Coach Online >>.

If you have any questions or inquiries, feel free to contact Katinka Nyberg, CEO, and Founder of Arduua, at katinka.nyberg@arduua.com.