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Arduua is for runners who challenge themselves. Runners who explore their limits, who dream big, who strive to improve and who love the mountains. We are an international race team that train together in the same Online Coaching, and sometimes we meet on Races and Camps.

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Explore some of the most beautiful mountains in Europe with Team Arduua.


Camp Valle de Tena - High altitude

Spain / 30 Jun — 04 Jul 2022

Run, train, have fun and discover some of the most beautiful mountains of Tena Valley in the Spanish Pyrenees, together with Team Arduua. This is a high-altitude training camp, and we will…

The stages

Day 1 – Pico Garmo Negro, 3064m
12KM / 1600m D+
Day 2 – Pico Tebarray, 2886m
22KM / 1250m D+
Day 3 – Pico Musales, 2654m
18KM / 1200m D+
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