Team Arduua
Team Arduua Race Agenda

Team Arduua Race Agenda

Racing Across Continents – Team Arduua’s Global Race Agenda for 2024!

Get ready for the 2024 trail running season as we unveil our Racing Agenda—a dynamic fusion of Arduua Official races, training camps, and a curated selection of exhilarating races where Team Arduua runners will leave their mark.

Connecting Globally, Running Locally

Dive into the global camaraderie of Arduua runners, set to conquer trails around the world every weekend. From the iconic UTMB World Series and Skyrunner World Series to other enticing local races, our international community is creating ripples.

During these races, we encourage Arduua runners to connect on their own initiatives, fostering meet-ups and shared experiences. Whether conquering a local trail race or embracing the challenge of an international ultra, these events embody the collective spirit of our community, showcasing our passion for independent trail running experiences.

Below, we’ve listed races where Team Arduua will be well-represented.

Additionally, we’ve highlighted our official races and camps, where a more organized approach will be taken, with our coaches and staff participating (marked in yellow).

More races will be added later on as all our runners have decided on their race agenda.


Trail de Zoquetes, Alcorisa, Spain 13-14th January

Sandsjöbacka trail ultra, Sweden, 19th January


Larrate Trail, Spain 18 th February


GotRun – Swedish Championship in Ultra Trail, Sweden 15 March


Istria 70 by UTMB, , Croatia 6th April

Osan Cross Mountain, Pyrenees, Spain 7th April

Österlen Spring Trail, Sweden, 13th April

Maratón Zaragoza, Spain, 14th April

Gran Trail Sobrarbe, Pyrenees, Spain 20th April

KDR Trail, Zaragoza, Spain 27th April


Snowdonia by UTMB, Wales 11th May

Perimetrail de Arguis, Pyrenees, Spain 11th May

Moncayo Trail, Zaragoza, Spain 11th May

UkA Pain, Sweden 24th May


Trail Tozal de Guara, Pyrenees, Spain 2nd June

Dolomiti Extrem, 7-9 th June, Italy

Gran Maratón Montañas de Benasque, Pyrenees, Spain 8th June

Travesera Picos de Europa, Spain, 15th June

Ecotrail, Sweden, 15th June

CXM Sierra de Luesia. Cto Aragón Trail, Spain, 16th June

Lavaredo Ultra Trail, Italy 27th June

Trail Os Foratos de Lomenas, Pyrenees, Spain 29th June


Val de Aran by utmb, Pyrenees, Spain 4-7th July

Ehunmillak, Spain 13-14th July

Carrera por montaña Boca del infierno, Pyrenees, Spain 14th July

Gran Trail Aneto Posets, Pyrenees, Spain 18-21 July


Jotunheim Trail Run, Norway 3 August


Trail Valle de Tena, SPAIN / 29 AUG — 02 SEP

UTMB week 26th August – 1st Sept

Canfranc-Canfranc, Pyrenees, Spain 6-8th Sept

Ultra Trail Guara Somontano, Pyerenees, Spain 28-29 Sept




EurAfrica Trail, Spain-Afrique, 31 Oct- 3rd November

Kullamanen Trail by utmb, Sweden 31 Oct- 3rd November

Marato dels Dements, Spain, 16-17th Nov