23 August 2023

Mastering Athlete Training Load: The Key to Peak Performance

In the world of sports and athletics, reaching the pinnacle of performance isn’t just a matter of talent and determination. It’s a science that hinges on a delicate balance between pushing oneself to the limit and allowing the body the time it needs to recover and adapt.

At Arduua, we’re committed to helping athletes achieve their peak potential, and a significant part of that journey revolves around understanding and controlling training load.

The Quest for Optimal Performance

Every athlete dreams of standing at the starting line of their race, feeling fully prepared, and knowing that they are in the best shape of their lives. But how do we get there? How do we make sure athletes are neither undertrained nor overtrained, and how do we ensure that they hit their stride on race day? The answer lies in the intricate art of timing and the meticulous management of training load.

The Role of Training Load

Training load is the cornerstone of athletic development. It’s the delicate equilibrium between the stress placed on the body during workouts and the recovery period needed to adapt and improve. At Arduua, we’ve developed a methodology that places the athlete at the center, crafting training programs that are as unique as their fingerprint. This individualized approach is founded on two crucial pillars: time spent and effort level (measured through heart rate). To ensure utmost accuracy, we strongly recommend utilizing an external chest strap for precise heart rate measurements.

Building the Foundation: Establishing Training Zones

When a new athlete joins our program, we embark on a journey of discovery. The first week involves a specialized running max test—an opportunity for us to understand your unique capabilities. By analyzing this data, our experienced coaches pinpoint your personalized training zones. These zones become the bedrock upon which your training journey is built, and they play a pivotal role in sculpting your future success.

Refining Precision: The VO2 Max Test

For those striving for an extra edge, we offer the option of a VO2 max test conducted at a specialized facility with advanced equipment, including a mask for precise measurements. This data acts as a refining tool, enabling our coaches to further fine-tune your training zones, ensuring a level of accuracy that paves the way for excellence.

Example Training Zones

Below you can see an example of one runners personal training zones, and the result from one training (how much time was spent in each zone.

The Art of Monitoring Training Load

Tracking training load is an art in itself, one that we’ve mastered through the utilization of the Trainingpeaks platform. Our athletes’ journey is guided by three interwoven parameters: FITNESS, FATIGUE, and FORM. These elements serve as the compass, guiding us towards optimal performance.

Decoding Training Load Metrics: Running Training Stress Score (rTSS)

Each running session contributes to your cardiovascular training load—a value quantified by the session’s duration and intensity. This value is translated into your rTSS (running Training Stress Score). A deeply individualized metric, rTSS takes into account your unique endurance threshold, whether you’re a seasoned athlete or an enthusiastic amateur. This value forms the backbone of FITNESS, FATIGUE, and FORM—the triad that shapes your journey.

The Formula Behind rTSS:

  1. Time spent in training.
  2. Normalized Graded Pace (NGP): Calculated from GPS data and accounting for Vertical meters of climb.
  3. Intensity Factor (IF) for rTSS: Your pace relative to your functional threshold running pace. This nuanced gauge factors in dynamic workouts, such as pace variations, to refine rTSS.

The Peak Performance Chart: Navigating Fitness, Fatigue, and Form

A powerful ally in our quest for peak performance is the Peak Performance Chart. Visualized through the interplay of three lines—blue for FITNESS, pink for FATIGUE, and yellow for your state of rest (TSB)—this chart is your compass to success. Crafting a delicate equilibrium between exertion and recovery, we elevate your fitness and manage the fatigue imparted by each training session.

Tailoring the Journey: The Unique Path to Excellence

Just as every athlete is distinct, so too is their journey. Our strategies adapt to the individual, targeting specific fitness levels before pivotal races and optimizing rest to ensure an unwavering peak on race day. This tailored approach combines the science of training load with the art of customization.

Drawing from Experience

Our expertise isn’t only theoretical; it’s the culmination of years of collaboration with mountain runners. The strategies and techniques we’ve honed have been tested and refined on the most challenging terrains, giving us unparalleled insights into what it takes to reach the summit of performance.

Conclusion: Elevate Your Potential with Arduua

At Arduua, we’re more than coaches—we’re partners in your journey to excellence. By mastering the art of controlling training load and timing, we’re committed to ensuring you’re prepared, fit, and at your peak on race day. Join us on a transformative journey where science and strategy converge to unleash your true potential.

Embrace the journey. Embrace Arduua!

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/Katinka Nyberg, CEO Founder

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