Katinka Nyberg – Founder of Arduua
Pioneering the Path of Passion

Katinka Nyberg – Founder of Arduua, Pioneering the Path of Passion

Passionate Mountain Runner and Visionary Entrepreneur

Founder of Arduua, Greetings, I’m Katinka Nyberg—an ardent mountain runner and a visionary entrepreneur deeply captivated by the allure of this enchanting sport.

My trail running odyssey commenced at the age of 44, igniting an unquenchable passion. This spark kindled a transformative journey; I reshaped my life, orchestrating a shift from IT Entrepreneur to devoted mountain runner.

Skyrunning for me embodies a lifestyle that ensnares the senses, a community that inspires, challenges that invigorate, a bedrock of unwavering values, and an indomitable spirit that never surrenders. Above all, it is the majestic mountains that cast an enchanting spell, drawing me closer with every stride.

The evolution of Arduua has been a source of immense pride, each step a testament to growth and evolution. Yet, what truly fuels my spirit is the unexplored terrain ahead—a blank canvas awaiting the strokes of Arduua’s unfolding narrative.

The horizon is limitless, painted with the promises of uncharted exploration. I’m exhilarated by the notion of forging fresh paths, embracing novel challenges, and uniting with fellow enthusiasts to transform Arduua into a guiding light for trail runners worldwide.

In this juncture, the unyielding spirit of mountain running and Arduua converge—a spirit that propels us to ascend to new pinnacles, transcend conventional boundaries, and tread into the unknown. I extend an invitation to you, to embark on this extraordinary journey where every step testifies to our shared ardor for the enchantment born of surpassing our limits.


  • CEO/Founder, Arduua since 2020
  • CEO/Founder, Atrox Development AB 2004 – 2018, successfully acquired by Telia Company in 2018.
  • Bachelor of Science in Business Engineering

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