High Coast Trail 43 km, Sweden
13 February 2019

High Coast Trail 43 km, Sweden

The High Coast Trail Sweden is a beautiful and challanging trail running marathon where you run through the absolute highlights of the World Heritage High Coast. Here runners, joggers and fast-riders gather together to experience the unique nature and the beautiful community.

In 2016 the High Coast was voted to Sweden’s most beautiful scenery and under both Twin Peaks 25k and Trail 43k you will experience the High Coast’s highlights. Deep forests, mighty mountains and a shimmering coastline.

The High Coast Trail 2019 takes place on the 6th – 7th September and the registration opens Sunday the 24th of February at 15:00. The tickets for the 2018 race ended in 6 hours. Set the alarm. Read more at race site >> 

Here is my race experience from 2018…

Start at 9:00

Make sure to get a good position in the startingline. There will be a lot of queuing in the 2 first hours of the race. Make sure to bring 1 litre of water and energy bars.

Easy start of the race

The first hour of the race is quite easy running on below trail sponges / wooden planks.

Rocky and high technical difficulty

Greather parts of the race are extremely rocky and have a high technical difficulty.

Slåttdalsberget, 10,6 km, kl. 10:49

Beautiful view from Slåttådalsberget. Don’t take your powerbar break here! Just around the corner it will be a line before “Slåttodalsskrevan”.


Before you enter Slåttodalsskrevan it will be a great line for about 10 minutes.


Here we met the winners running the other way ?

The river, 12 km

About 12 km in the race you will come to a river. Fill up with at least 1 litre of water, as the first foodstop didn’t include water. I did the mistake to take too little water and a run about 2 hours without water.

Tärnättholmarna 16 km, kl. 12:08

Tärnättholmarna 16 km, first food stop (only powerbars).

Running in the wood till the second food stop

Then you run in the wood until you get to the second food stop (first water stop) at 25 km. For me it was about 14:00 (after 5 hours of running).

Before Skuleberget, 3:rd foodstop, 35 km, kl. 15:24

Only 8 km left to go. Easy I taught. But I was so wrong. This was the worst 8 km ever.

Finally I made it, 43 km, kl. 17:09

This was a hell of a race. I couldn’t imagine that 43 km could be that tough. I finished at time 8:09 after climbing up for the last killer slope. So happy!


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