18 February 2019

We are looking for you that can be an inspiration for others

Many people are dreaming of freedom and a more active lifestyle, running in the mountains, living their lives fully. But a few do it…

Are you one of the few?

Are you the one that just dream and talk, or are you the one that actually takes control of your own life and do all the things that you want to do?

Have you done a change of direction in life from a standard office work, to a more active/outdoor lifestyle?

You are a role model and great inspiration for others!

You are the person that we are looking for, and we like to do a personal interview with you and share your story in the blog.

The only requirements are that:

  • You have a passion for SkyRunning / TrailRunning.
  • You have done a change of direction in life from standard office work to a more active outdoor lifestyle.
  • You have done your hobby to your business.
  • You like to share and tell others about your story.
  • You have great pictures of you that you like to share.

We will do the writing, and you just have to answer some questions and tell us your story. The job is pro bono, but you can of course use it in your own marketing.

If you are interested, please email me at

/Katinka Nyberg

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