My Mountain Marathon Training Online Program – Week 8
30 June 2019

My Mountain Marathon Training Online Program – Week 8

Life doesn’t always turn out the way you planned or the way you once thought it would. But the trick is to try to adapt, make some changes and don’t use it as an excuse for not training.

In the middle of this week my husband Fredrik suffered a serious scoter accident in San Diego. So, I had to fly there and help him out. I changed my plans, packed my things and brought all my running gears and flew to San Diego.

The situation was quite bad. He had a broken neck with a fracture on the C6-section, a broken nose, several fractures in the face, he had damaged his mouth and lost a few teeth.

Mentally this week has been very tough for both of us with all the worry and all that. But the doctors say that he will be ok and that under the circumstances he was very lucky.

Although I haven’t been in the best mood for training this week the training must go on.

I have done all the planned sessions for the week with a few modifications and it hasn’t been that hard that I taught it would be.

Sometimes in bad situations the running becomes your best friend and actually it’s been very good for me to do all the running and to be able to think of something else for a couple of hours a day.

If you haven’t read part 1, I recommend starting with that one…

My Mountain Marathon Training Online Program – Week 1

This is week 8 of my online training with Fernando…

Training week 8

19 June – 25 June…


Trailrunning uphill’s

Instructions from the coach:

  1. Between 90 minutes and 120 minutes. In this trail running session I want you to practise downhills. Try to search not very difficult areas to start practising downhills.
  2. Take it easy during uphill’s
  3. Try to go down with a pace that you choose, and not chosen by the slope.
  4. You must search to flow with the gravity.
  5. Light and silent footsteps.
  6.  Use your arms to balance.
  7. There are different ways to brake, not just stepping with your heels. You can use your body throwing your shoulders back or raising a little more your knees while running.
  8. Try to up your pulse and paces during downhills but controlling your technique and body.

Distance: 9 km, Gain: 950 m, Loss: 950 m

Comments: This week was a little bit better and I have started to recover from Madeira Skyrace.

Total time: 2 hours.

Stretching multisport 

Total time: 30 minutes


GYM – Base 2 Strength CXM

  1. Lunges split with kettlebells 3*12
  2. Chest press 2 min
  3. Seated row machine 2 min
  4. Pull down machine 2 min
  5. Dead lift 3*12
  6. Glutes, hip trhust one leg
  7. Elastic bands, descendina of arms pull down with elbows extended
  8. Core foot to foot crunch

Total time: 1 :10

Comments: Still very tired from Madeira week.


Rest day

I fly to San Diego.


Easy running 30 min

Zone 1 and some 2, aerobic!!

Time: 30 minutes.


Time: 30 minutes.


Pace changes in stairs

  1. Warm up10 min @ 155 bpm
    Zone 2: Aerobic
  2. Repeat 5 times
    1. Hard1 min @ 182 bpm
      Zone 5A: SuperThreshold
      Cuestas 1 min en Zona 4/5
    2. Easy2 min @ 155 bpm
      Zone 2: Aerobic
      Recuperación 2 min
  3. Recovery10 min @ 155 bpm
    Zone 2: Aerobic

Total time: 35 minutes


Total time: 30 minutes


Total time: 1h 30 minutes.


Functional strength training

Whole body movements, glutes, hamstrings, core and scapula.

Total time: 1h


Easy running

Total time: 45 minutes


Total time: 45 minutes

Summary of the week

About 9 hours effective training time this week.

Although, I ‘ve not been feeling 100% on top lately, my training watch is telling me the opposite.

When I started this new training method with Fernando (train either in low pulse zone or in very high pulse zone), I’ve been going from a VO2 max of 43 top 46 in in a period of two months. To my biggest surprise I’m one of the top 5% in my age group, which is great.

Check out week 9…

Happy SkyRunning!



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