Strength and mobility for Skyrunners
26 June 2020

Strength and mobility for Skyrunners

Running does not create strong abdominal muscles, but it requires that you have them.

Blog by Snezana Djuric, Arduua Frontrunner

I know a lot of runners think they don’t need it, or they’re bored of doing exercises and spending time at the gym.Well, I’ll tell you how I think, sometimes you have to do something that bores you if it’s good and important to you.

In any case, find a way that will be interesting to you. For example, you can do a lot of strength and mobility exercises outside. Honestly, I like to do strength exercises. And very often I have inspiration to do something new. When you start doing strength exercises, you will soon see that you become stronger, that your body responds well and that you improve your performance.

Of course, the focus is on running. But strength training is an integral part of our training. If you know a professional runner, no matter if it’s a skyrunner or  runner on athletic track, ask him/her if he/she does strength training and how much it means. I know how much these workouts mean to me. Coaches have taught me a long time ago that, for example, running does not make strong abdominal muscles, but running requires that you have strong abdominal muscles. I know that not everyone likes to do exercises for the abdominal muscles, and I know that it is often boring, but it does not last long, you can certainly last 15/20 min :)!

But, as I said, for those who don’t like to spend time in the gym, you can do a lot of exercises outside as well. Squats, lunges, push-ups, jumps, plank, various exercises for the abdomen and legs … you can do all this somewhere in nature if it suits you better :). Strength exercises for runners are enough 2-3 times a week. You just need to of course fit in with your training. It depends on what your running training is, so you fit strength training. I may be boring, but the core has to be strong, that’s the basis for everything! Have you ever felt pain or tightness in your lower back? You know that the back muscles are very active in mountain running. You have ascents, strong ascents, strong descents, different body positions … Something like this happened to me in the beginning, on long and strong ascents I feel tightness in my lower back. It was a sign to dedicate myself more to strengthening these muscle groups. And now it is much better!

You will feel better, healthier, you will look stronger, you will improve your performance, you will improve your running … these are all reasons why you should do strength training! So, start 🙂

Mobility is the basis of prevention. The body should be mobile and flexible in all regions. If we are not mobile enough in certain regions, it reduces mobility, and we do not want that, right? For example, if you do not have good hip mobility, you will not have a good enough stride, and therefore not a good step for the race. I know, you’re bored :), but the good news is that you can do all that somewhere in nature, in the woods, in the meadow, I believe it will be more pleasant and interesting :).

I give you my example. I do running trainings and the focus is on them. I do strength training 3 times a week, I do abdominal exercises every day. I definitely do mobility and stretching because it improves mobility and it is injury prevention. You think I’m not bored sometimes, so of course it is, a day like that happens, but I know I’m doing it all for my own good, so I think that way.

Always look from the brighter side and it will be easier for you to do the training :)!

You will soon be able to see examples of exercises in the gym and outside in my video. If you need any help, I’m here.

Be strong and healthy!

/Snezana Djuric, Arduua Frontrunner

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