Semi Weekly Coaching

80 incl. vAT / month

Perfect for those gearing up for a Trail race, Ultra-trail, or Sky race spanning 5 – 160 km or longer, who crave weekly coaching support.

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More about Semi Weekly Coaching

For dedicated trail runners, Ultra-trail enthusiasts, and Sky race challengers who are preparing to conquer distances ranging from 5 km to an epic 100 miles or beyond, our Semi Weekly Coaching Package is tailored to provide exceptional biweekly coaching support.


With this package, you’ll gain access to a meticulously personalized training plan, expertly crafted using Build Your Plan, precisely aligned with your unique goals and abilities.


Your coach will provide personalized feedback during comprehensive biweekly training reviews. You’ll also experience an adaptive training plan biweekly to continually optimize your progress. Additionally, this package covers race preparation meticulously tailored for your most important A-races.


Free Start-up: (valued at €100 Euros), including Build Your Plan if you sign up before June 30, 2024.