Fabio Benvenuti
Skyrunner storyFabio Benvenuti
22 May 2019

Lover of adrenalinic descents

The direct contact with nature, the steep rocky mountains, the unique woods and the wild animals is something that Fabio really appreciates.

He loves to stay in shape, the challenge and the beautiful scenery.

Fabio has run many great Skyraces and in April 2019 Fabio won the prizes “Fastest runner of the month” and “The picture of the month” in the SkyRunner Challenge for his accomplishment in the race Valle Imagna Ultra Trail, (time: 6:48, winner time: 5:20, winner time * 128%).

Some highlights from Fabio…

Fabio Benvenuti – Valle Imagna Ultra Trail, Best Picture of the month.

Who is Fabio and where does your passion for Skyrunning come from?

My favourite sport is actually football and I do it when I can. ?

I started running just to stay in shape, but then I tried my first Skyrunning race near where I live. I liked it very much, it was so beautiful, and I became passionate.

The feeling of mastering a challenging mountain, throwing yourself down a steep rocky descent is definitely a rush that you want again and again and again…

So, nowadays I put the Skyrunning first, and I run for the team Serim.

Fabio Benvenuti – Sellaronda Ultra Trail 60 km

Which are your favourite races?

La Maratona del Cielo (Sky Marthon of heaven 4 July)is the best because it is the real technical race with chains of passages exposed on rocks. Lots of ups and downs on the ridges always at high altitude!

Fabio Benvenuti – La Maratona del Cielo

Dolomites Skyrace takes place in Trentino alto Adige in Val di Fassa. Wonderful surroundings, beautiful forests, dolomite mountains, and the World heritage centre, Unesco. It is always a lunar path and then descends between shelters and a mountain pine forest.

Fabio Benvenuti – Dolomites Skyrace.

Livigno Skymarathon takes place on the border between Italy and Switzerland and is a technical and completely lunar route with some equipped and exposed passages.

Fabio Benvenuti – Livigno Sky Marathon

What is most important for you in life?

For me the key word in life is serenity. I like it peaceful.

Is Skyrunning a hobby or is it something you do for a living? 

Skyrunning for me is a hobby even if it would be fantastic to work with an outdoor sport like this.

The direct contact with nature, the rocks, the unique woods and the wild animals is something that I really appreciate.

What is your inner drive?

My motivation is the physical form, the challenge and for sure the environment.

Always stay on a path and then earn me a beer or two.

Fabio Benvenuti – Bellagio Skyrace.


Name: Fabio Benvenuti

Nationality: Italian

Country/town: A small town in northern Italy near Milan

Your team or sponsor now: Serim

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/fabio.benvenuti.35/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/fabiobenv/

Thank you!

Thank you, Fabio! Wishing you all the best luck in the future with your Skyrunning.

Happy SkyRunning!

/Katinka Nyberg

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