SkyRunner Virtual Challenge

SkyRunner Virtual Challenge is a fun online challenge for amateur SkyRunners all over the world that like to have some extra boost in their daily running.

As most of the races in Europe has been cancelled, we are arranging this virtual challenge that you easily can do on your own with your training watch.

The challenge takes place from 1 of May 2020 to 31 of October 2020 in the SkyRunner Adventurers community. The runner who manages to put the most desnivels D+ and D- (up + down) wins.

Challenge Categories:

  1. Category 1: Most desnivels D+ and D-  (up + down) put in 1 hour
  2. Category 2: Most desnivels D+ and D-  (up + down) put in 2 hours
  3. Category 3: Most desnivels D+ and D-  (up + down) put in 4 hours

Sign up for the challenge

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The winner of the month of each category wins 12 months of Personal Online Coaching, and you will get your own personal Skyrunning coach.

You will also be featured in Arduua’s Facebook and Instagram, and you will get your own personal blog article in SkyRunner Stories

Reporting of results

Reporting of your race results takes place in the SkyRunner Adventurers group continuously between 1 May 2020 and 31 October 2020.

Follow the steps:

  1. Report your results in a simple post in the  SkyRunner Adventurers group. 
  2. Tag the post #SkyRunnerVirtualChallenge.
  3. Upload a screenshot from your training app as proof of your training.
  4. Upload a picture of yourself from doing the challenge.

Announcement of the winners

Announcement of the winner of the month will take place in the beginning of the next month in the SkyRunner Adventurers group.

For questions please contact

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