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Trainingpeaks Performance Chart

Trainingpeaks Performance Chart represents the cardiovascular fitness and fatigue state of an athlete at each point in time during a training plan.

This is a tool that we use to make sure that our athletes are in a good level of fitness, and well prepared to be able to perform their planned A and B races with peak of form.

This is how it works

Each training session produces a load on your body that is quantified according to the duration and intensity of the training in a certain number of points reflected in the TSS (Training stress score). This is an individualized value for each person, whether you are an elite athlete or an amateur, as it is relative to your individual endurance threshold determined in a running test.

The blue line represents the physical fitness (CTL) of the athlete. The pink line represents the fatigue (ATL) that each training session produces in your body, and the yellow line represents your state of rest (TSB).

During the training plan we look for a correct combination of loads and rest to increase the physical fitness of the athlete by controlling the training load and the fatigue produced by each training session.

Depending on the objectives of each athlete, we will try to achieve the necessary fitness values before the competition as well as an optimal state of rest to face the target competitions with the best guarantee and performance.

Some reference values from our experience and work with mountain runners, since many years.

Duration of the competition Goal points CTLAmateur Goal points CTLElite
Kilometre vertical / Short Trail 10-15 km 30-50 50-90
Medium Trail 15-35 Kms 40-65 65-95
Maraton Trail 35-50 kms 50-70 70-100
Short ultra Trail 50-80 kms 65-80 75-110
Ultra Trail 80-120 kms 70-85 85-120
Long ultra Trail >120 Kms 80-95 90-130


The points represented on the training platform will only be valid and serve as a guide for the coach if the athlete has correctly established and updated the training zones in terms of heart rate, pace and power if applicable.

In addition, it must be taken into account that the values reached by the athlete will depend on the athlete’s availability to train and the tolerance to the volume of training that he/she can assimilate, something that must be worked on in progression and in a long-term perspective with health as a premise.

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