Yearly Plan & Periodization

Yearly Plan & Periodization

To ensure that you will be in your very best shape at race day, your coach will start to create a yearly plan for you, including your racing agenda and different phases of training.

Races ABC
We factor the races you want to run in to your training plan breaking them down into A races, B races and C races.

  • A Races: Main races where we will ensure you are in peak condition and ready to outperform yourself.
  • B Races: Races similar to the A in terms of distance, height gain, terrain etc. where you will test strategies, kit, pace etc. to use in your A races.
  • C Races: Races that will not modify our planning and we will integrate them into your training plan.

General Training Phase, Base Period (1-3 months)

  • General improvement of physical condition.
  • Work on Weaknesses (In mobility and strength).
  • Body composition adaptions/improvements (training and nutrition).
  • General base strength.
  • Training of foot ankle structures.

General Training Phase, Specific Period (1-3 months)

  • Training of thresholds (aerobic/anaerobic).
  • Training of VO2 max.
  • Adapt training volyme to goals and athlete history.
  • Max strength lower body, CORE, and running specifics.

Competitive Phase, Pre-Competitive (4-6 weeks)

  • Training competition intensity and pacing.
  • Training other competition details (terrain, nutrition, equipment).
  • Holding strength levels and plyometrics.

Competitive Phase, Tapering + Competition (1-2 weeks)

  • Adjust volume and intensity during tapering.
  • Reach race day with peak of fitness, motivation, full energy, levels and wellness state.
  • Nutrition guidelines, pre and during race.

Transition phase – Transition & Recovery

  • Joints and muscle recovery.
  • Recover regular functioning of body organs and cardiovascular system.
  • Nutrition guidelines post race.

Fitness, Form & Fatique

In order to optimize and control training load for each athlete, and to make sure that our athletes are in a good level of Fitness, and well prepared to be able to perform their planned A and B races with peak of Form, we use the Trainingpeks platform as a tool, working with the parameters FITNESS, FATIQUE and FORM. Read more about how we do it here. Race at Your Best >>