12 August 2018

Many people want. But a few do it ….

This blog is not all about SkyRunning, allthough SkyRunning is the thing I love to do right know. This blog is about getting what you want, take control, and set the direction of your own life.

Many people want to do lots of things in their lives. But only a few do it.

What is it that suddenly there is someone from a poor society that stands out from the crowd and finally ends up as the president of the United States?

Sorry. I don’t have the secret key here. But I think that part of this is faith, personal leadership and about making choises. When you know what you want, you made your choice and made up your mind, your personal leadership and your own fear will probably be your biggest enemies.

The fear of failure. The fear of standing out from the crowd, your friends and your family. The fear of leaving something that feels safe.

On top of that comes the inability to change old deep-rooted habits and fall for short-term rewards, instead of doing what’s best for you, your family and our common world in the the long run.

So, have you ever asked yourself the question.

What is it right now that I mostly like to do?

A healthier lifestyle, traveling the world, spending more time with your kids, a new job, being good in a sport, making more money, have a great social life etc. All of us wants different things in life, and only you can decide for yourself what is good for you.

I have asked myself the question a couple of times, and sometimes when I’m very serious about something I try to follow my instinct and just do it.

So. What is it right now that I mostly like to do?

By the end of 2016, when I’ve just finished a *Swedish classic, I by a coincident saw a video of SkyRunning at FaceBook. And I taught. Wow. This looks so awesome, I have to do this. And the week after I was signed up for the next *SkyRunning Marathon in Åre, Sweden.

Ten months later I finished the race as planned together with my brother, and we scored as the last participants. Our time was not very good and my body has never been in worse shape. A couple of hours later when we were going to have dinner together with our friends, they couldn’t help laughing at my funny way of walking. I looked like a misery and could not even walk straightup.

Nevertheless, it was a fantastic experience. Just the feeling of coping with such a big challenge, climbing the mountains and being involved in such an adventure was something totally new to me.

So I taught to myself. I have to do this again.

A week later I was signed up for the 2018 race. This time I knew what it was all about, and I was so much more prepared. The race went quite well and I almost accomplished my goal 7:45 and finished the race at 7:49 (which was an hour better than the year before). The race was a pleasure all the way through. The feeling of running downhill very fast with full focus and control, was like living in the moment for real.

All the work I put in to this was absolutely 100% worht it, and for sure it was one of the best days in my life (except for the day when I got married to Fredrik and when my 7 year old twins Tom and Matilda  were born).

Then I knew it. This is what I want to do. I want to do more of this. I want to do international Skyrunning races, climb in higher mountains, and visit all types of countries and environments. In this I also like to involve my family and bring them around the world, keep them active and climb, walk, ride and run in all those fantastic environments and mountains.

But is this possible? I’m 44 years old, work full time and have 2 active 7 year old twins that do all kinds of different sports, where I’m involved as a parent and a trainer.

That’s what we’ll see, and for sure I will try 110%.

Kia fjällmaraton 43 km 2018 Katinka Nyberg, Finisher

You can do it if you want it enough!

With this blog and all the challenges I’m facing, I wanna proof to myself and others that almost anything is possible.I like to Inspire people to get what they want, reach their dreams, and run faster.

This is what the blog is all about…

Check out the next step of the journey. How Skyrunning became my lifestyle >>.


* The Swedish classic is a sports challange where you in a year do 4 races in different disciplines. One race of running (30 km), swimming in open water (3 km), skiing (90 km), cycling 300 km.  (This sport is often exercised by Swedish middle-aged men with a 40 years old crisis).

* Definition of SkyRunning Marathon is a that the race has a minimum distance 30 km and under five hours’ winner’s time. Minimum 2,000 m vertical climb. Source International Skyrunner Federation.

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