My Mountain Marathon Training Online Program – Week 2
16 May 2019

My Mountain Marathon Training Online Program – Week 2

Changing my training plan from training 4-5 times a week in the way I like, to train 6 times a week in a pre-planned program has been tough.

I realise now after taking some professional help with my training that 6 times a week, well planned quality training is a must if you want to do a mountain marathon or a Skyrace well.

If you haven’t read part 1 I recommend to start with that one…

My Mountain Marathon Training Online Program – Week 1

My first two weeks in the program

I taught that I was well trained as I’ve been training quite a lot the past 4 years, but now I realise that I’m not. This first two weeks in this training program has been very tough for me. My body is not used to 6 times a week effectieve training, my muscles are sore and I had some trouble getting used to train in the right pulse zones.

Some days I didn’t feel like running at all as my legs felt like stone blocks from the other days of weight lifting, but I did it anyway. When you have a coach planning and following up all your training sessions you are not cheating and in the running sessions when you are measured you always want to do your best, even though you are tired.

Now, when I just finished my first two weeks period of training, kicking of my third, it starts to feel a little bit better and I can actually feel and see my progress.

This is week 2 of my online training with Fernando…

Training week 2


Efficient Trailrunning session

Trail mixed with some slopes, 10,9 km, vertical gain 367 m, vertical loss 372 m.

Time: 1:30

Total time: 30 min

A long nice stretch after Trailrunning.


GYM – Base 1 Strength CXM

  1. Cardio warmup, 10 min
  2. Leg press, 3*12
  3. Chest press, 3*12
  4. Seated row machine, 3*12
  5. Pull down machine, 3*12
  6. Deadlift, 3*12
  7. Glutes – Hip Trhust / one leg, 2*2*12
  8. Core – foot to foot crunch, 4*20
  9. Plank lateral, 2*2*15

Total time: 1:15 hour

Total time: 30 min


Easy Run

Warm up: 5 min

Run: 30 min, pulse zone 2-3

Run / Cool down: 15 min, pulse zone 1-2

Total time: 50 min hour

Total time: 20 min


Rest day


Pace changes

(10 RPE is running as fast as you can in 30 meters)

  1. Warm up
    15 min @RPE
    Zon 2
  2. Repeat 5 times
    1. Hard
      30 sec 8 @ RPE
    2. Easy
      1 min @ 4 RPE
  3. Recovery
    5 min @ RPE
  4. Repeat 5 times
    1. Hard
      30 sec 8 @ RPE
    2. Easy
      1 min @ 4 RPE
  5. Cool down 10 min @ 5 RPE

Total time: 45 min

Total time: 10 min

Doing the pace changes on a track and field.


Mountain bike on trails
Low to medium pulse zone.
Distance: 13 km

Total time: 1 hour


Gym session 2
Functional training with PT.

  1. Focus on shoulderblades, back and core with various exercises
    (that is a weakness of mine).
  2. Leg strength and balance on one leg. Go up on a bench with 20 kg weight.
  3. Strength of Inside of thigh in all directions
  4. Strength of Psoas Major and Thigh working together (lift straight leg up)

No video this time unfortunately. I’ll make one next week!

Total training time this week

About 8 hours effectieve training time this week.

This is actually less hours than I had before, but each session is so much more effective, and spread out over 6 days.

It was a tough week, but a good week!

Check out week 3!

Happy SkyRunning!



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