My Mountain Marathon Training Online Program – Week 3
23 May 2019

My Mountain Marathon Training Online Program – Week 3

Santana Skyrace 1 of June at Madeira is getting closer and I start to get a little bit nervous. My first Skyrace outside Sweden.

I’ve been training a lot more and better than I did the last season and should be well prepared, but will it be enough?

If you haven’t read part 1, I recommend to start with that one…

My Mountain Marathon Training Online Program – Week 1

My first three weeks in the program

Now, when I just finished my first three weeks period of training, kicking of my fourth, I start to feel that my body is very tired. I’m a little bit worried for the Santana Skyrace the 1 of June, and that my body won’t be 100 % recovered until then. So, now I just try to trust the process and that my top shape will come just in time.

It’s been a lot for me training 6 times a week, so this week I will slow it down a little bit and start to focus on the race.

This is week 3 of my online training with Fernando…

This is my home arena for running trails, just outside Stockholm.

Training week 3


Easy run

Warm up: 5 min (activate glutes)

Run: 15 min, pulse zone 1-2

Run: 15 min, pulse zone 3

Run: 15 min, pulse zone 1-2

Total time: 50 min

Total time: 30 min


GYM – Base 1 Strength CXM (same as week 2)

  1. Cardio warmup, 10 min
  2. Leg press, 3*12
  3. Chest press, 3*12
  4. Seated row machine, 3*12
  5. Pull down machine, 3*12
  6. Deadlift, 3*12
  7. Glutes – Hip Trhust / one leg, 2*2*12
  8. Core – foot to foot crunch, 4*20
  9. Plank lateral, 2*2*15

Total time: 1:15 hour

Total time: 30 min


Efficient Trail running (hill work)

Hillwork with laps in a small slope, 9 km, vertical gain 810 m, vertical loss 801 m. Trying to keep pulse zone 3 on a steady level.

Warm up: 5 min (glutes activation etc.)

Run: 2 hours, pulse zone 3

Total time: 10 min


Rest day


Pace changes

(10 RPE is running as fast as you can in 30 meters)

  1. Warm up
    10 min @ 5 RPE
  2. Repeat 4 times
    1. Hard
      45 sec @ 6 RPE
    2. Easy
      1,15 min @ 6 RPE
  3. Recovery
    5 min @ 5 RPE
  4. Repeat 4 times
    1. Hard
      45 sec @ 8 RPE
    2. Easy
      1,15 min @ 6 RPE
  5. Cool down 10 min @ 5 RPE

Total time: 41 min

Total time: 20 min


Mountain bike on trails
Low to medium pulse zone.
Distance: 28 km

Total time: 1:45 hour

Mountainbiking on small roads on the country side just outside Stockholm, close to where I live.


Gym session 2
Functional training with PT with focus on my individual problems.

  1. Core strength (knees on a yoga ball, rolling back and forward).
  2. Psosas/hips (leg lift up in different directions).
  3. Functional rod (one arm, standing on one foot, working the body cross)
  4. Functional chest press (one arm at a time, keeping shoulder blades down)
  5. Functional shoulders and core training (moving a weight from side to side, working the body cross)

Total time: 1 hour

No video this time unfortunately. I’ll make one next week!

Total training time this week

About 9 hours effective training time this week.

This is actually less hours than I had before, but each session is so much more effective, and spread out over 6 days.

It was a tough week, but a good week!

Check out week 4!

Happy SkyRunning!



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