My Mountain Marathon Training Online Program – Week 4
30 May 2019

My Mountain Marathon Training Online Program – Week 4

Santana Skyrace 1 of June at Madeira is getting even closer and now it’s time for race prep, rest and recovery. 

I’ve been extremely tired this week and I have felt tendencies of overtraining. That worries me quite a lot and I’m thinking. Have I been training too much? Will I recover in time?

If you haven’t read part 1, I recommend starting with that one…

My Mountain Marathon Training Online Program – Week 1

This is week 4 of my online training with Fernando…

Race prep for Santana Skyrace, Madeira

Now, when I just finished my first three weeks period of training, kicking of my fourth the 22 of May, I start to feel that my body is very tired.

I’m a little bit worried for the Santana Skyrace the 1 of June and that my body won’t be 100 % recovered until then. So, now I just try to trust the process and hope for that my top shape will come just in time.

It’s been a lot for me changing my whole training concept that I had from Jan – April 4-5 times a week to Fernandos training concept 6 times a week. So, this week I will slow it down a little bit and start to focus on the race.

About 10 days before the race I started to feel a tendency of over trained, so I checked it up at Google/Runners world.

These were the symptoms of overtraining that I had:

  1. Extremely tired and weak
  2. Higher resting pulse than normal (+ 6 bbm)
  3. Longer recovery time of muscle soreness than normal
  4. Bad performance in running
  5. In a very bad mood

In the end of training week 4 (Tuesday 28 of May) it felt like my shape was finally turning around. My resting pulse was almost back to normal and my feelings were more positive now.

Training week 4


Rest day


Rest day


Efficient Trail running (hill work)

In the long uphill’s it is important to control the intensity, dispose energy and save some for the downhills.

A good downhill is when you run easy with short and light steps like if you were floating. All the stops, accelerations, brakes, and changes of intensity you make during a race are loss of energy. Try to keep efficient!!! 

I did Hillwork with laps in a small slope. Totally 7 km, vertical gain 800 m, vertical loss 800 m. Trying to keep pulse zone 3 on a steady level.

Warm up: 5 min (glutes activation etc.)

Run: 1.5 hours, pulse zone 3

Total time: 20 min

Katinka doing hillwork in Stockholm city. You take what you have ?


Rest day


Rest day


Fartleck 3 – 6 – 9

  1. Warm up
    10 min @ 144 bpm
    Zone 2: Aerobic
  2. Repeat 1 times,
    1. Hard
      3 min @ 177 bpm
      Zone 5B: Aerobic Capacity
    2. Easy
      3 min @ 144 bpm
      Zone 2: Aerobic
  3. Repeat 1 times
    1. Hard
      6 min @ 169 bpm
      Zone 5A: Super Threshold
    2. Easy
      3 min @ 144 bpm
      Zone 2: Aerobic
  4. Recovery
    9 min @ 161 bpm
    Zone 4: Sub Threshold
  5. Cool Down
    10 min @ 135 bpm
    Zone 1: Recovery

Stretch + Foam roller
Total time: 30 min


Gym session 1 – Functional training – Race prep

Functional training with PT. Focus on activation of important muscles, making sure muscles are connected, working well together. Focus on core, glutes activation, shoulder blades activation, hips mobility, working out the body cross (Right hand left foot etc). Finishing of with some fast steps on the traidmill.

  1. Leg lift, psosas and hips mobility
  2. Shoulder blades activation and mobility.
  3. Core, glutes and shoulder blades working together
  4. Glutes activation in bridge level with miniband
  5. Glutes activation with miniband walking sideways

Total time: 1 hour

Total training time this week

About 3.5 hours effective training time this week.

This was a week of rest and recovery. In the beginning of the week I felt extremely tired, but now in the end of week 4 (Tuesday), my shape is finally turning around. The race is now on Saturday and I have 4 days of planned rest and recovery till then.

So, now it’s just to hope for the best and I’m so much looking forward to Santana Skyrace at Madeira this Saturday!

It was a tough week, but a good week!

Check out week 5!

Happy SkyRunning!



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