My Mountain Marathon Training Online Program – Week 5
6 June 2019

My Mountain Marathon Training Online Program – Week 5

This is the week for my first real Skyrace outside Sweden, Santana Skyrace in the Madeira Island.

Today it’s Wednesday, the race is this Saturday and I’m leaving for Madeira this Thursday. After the race I will stay at Madeira for another week just to run and enjoy together with Trail Run Adventures & Retreats (a full rewiev of that week will come in another article).

If you haven’t read part 1, I recommend starting with that one…

My Mountain Marathon Training Online Program – Week 1

This is week 5 of my online training with Fernando…

Race prep for Santana Skyrace

Now, when I just finished my first four weeks period of training, kicking of my fifth, I start to feel a whole lot better than the last week and my shape is finally turning around.

The days before the race I just try to rest as much as possible, eat well and acclimatize myself to the climate here in Madeira. I stayed one night in Funchal, the capital of Madeira. Just to relax and enjoy the city. The hotel (Castanheiro Boutique Hotel) also had a nice roof top bar with a nice pool where I could hang out during the day.

View from the Castanheiro Boutique Hotel in Funchal

Training week 5


Rest day


Rest day

Travelling to Madeira, Funchal.


Rest day

Hanging out in Funchal and then leave for Santana village where the race is at.

View from the hotel where I stay in Santana, Quinta do Furao


Race day – Santana Skyrace 23 k, 1670 D+

This is the day that I have been preparing for all year and one of the most important milstones until the big race in August, Buff, Bydalens fjällmaraton.

The race started at 10 o’clock in the morning and I was ready to go!

Finally, I made it to the finish line in 05:07 as the 9’th lady in the plus 40 category (compared to winner time 02:54:46). For being my first Skyrace outside Sweden I’m very happy with that.

The race was very hot, very hard and very technical. For me it was a great race experience, great training and lots of learning.

Santana Skyrace 23k, first long uphill.

If you like to see a full review of the race check out more details, pictures and videos in the blog, Santana Skyrace 2019 race experience.


Rest day


Trailrunning and hiking in the mountains of Madeira together with Trailrun Adventurers.

17 km, 1 262 D+

Total time: 4:16 hours

Trailrunning with Trailrun Adventurers and Retreats


Total time: 1 hours



Total time: 5 hours

Total training time this week

About 15.5 hours effective training time this week.

This was a great week. The race went very well and the rest of the week I could really enjoy running here in Madeira and I wasn’t too much sore.

I guess this is what happens when you get great help with race preps and are well prepared!

So, now I’m just going to enjoy the rest of the week here in Madeira running and doing some other nice outdoor sports.

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Happy SkyRunning!



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