My Mountain Marathon Training Online Program – Week 6
14 June 2019

My Mountain Marathon Training Online Program – Week 6

Madeira is amazing and the variety of this Island is endless. 

After the Santana Skyrace I took the opportunity to stay a few days enjoying the beautiful Island  trailrunning together with Trail Run Adventures & Retreats.

It’s been a great week full of trailrunning and some other sports activities. It’s been very good for me to be able to train in all these varieties of technical difficulties and I have improved those skills a lot!

To my fully surprise, I’ve felt pretty good and strong all week and I wasn’t too sore in my muscles the days after the race. The Santana Skyrace was my first goal and milestone this year, heading for the big goal in August, “Buff, Bydalens Fjällmaraton 50k / 2900 D+ “.

So, I’m very happy that I pulled it through with a smile on my face and without injuries. Today it’s Wednesday and my training is on it again.

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My Mountain Marathon Training Online Program – Week 1

This is week 6 of my online training with Fernando…

Training week 6


Trailrunning the coastline

Distance: 18 km, Gain: 153 m, Loss: 745 m

Just a nice slowrun today on our way to the surfing camp enjoying the views, and also some great technical downhill training.

Total time: 2:45

Trailrunning the coastline, Madeira.


Total time: 1:00

Surfing for fun, Madeira.


Trailrunning the coastline 

Distance: 8 km, Gain: 446 m, Loss: 445 m

Just a nice slow run today practising some other types of technical downhills.

Total time: 1:30

Trailrunning the coastline, Madeira.


Trailrunning Levada

Just a nice slow run today practising some other types of technical difficulties. Trying out some parts of the routes from the Madeira Skyrace 55k.

Distance: 26,5 km, Gain: 653 m, Loss: 1 282 m

Total time: 6 :04

Trailrunning Levada towards the river, Madeira.
About 500 meters in the river (part of the Santana Skyrace 55 k), Madeira.


Rest day – Heading back to Sweden


Rest day


Gym session – Functional strength training

This session actually felt quite good to do for the body after all this running!

  1. Scapula wall slides
  2. Glutes activation with rubber band
  3. One arm press cable machine
  4. One arm rows cable machine
  5. Hamstrings (heavy)
  6. Barbell squats
  7. Sumo squats with kettlebell

Total time: 1 hour

Total training time this week

About 12.5 hours effective training time this week.

This was a great week. The race went very well and the rest of the week I could really enjoy running here in Madeira and I wasn’t too much sore.

Although I could feel the tiredness coming just when I got back to Sweden. I guess that my body had been procrastinated the FATIQUE on purpose. ?

Check out week 7!

Happy SkyRunning!



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