17 June 2019

Our purpose is to find the best Skyrunnner in the world!

On my way to the Madeira Skyrace this June I contacted the team representing Migu Run Skyrunner® World Series, because I was curious about them and because I wanted to know more about Skyrunning.

In 2019 the Migu Run Skyrunner® World Series features 16 races in 11 countries and one of those races is Madeira Skyrace.

I was lucky and I had the opportunity to meet Seana Forbes (the Press officer at Skyrunner® World Series) on site for a nice chat and a cup of coffee. Seana told me lots of interesting things about Skyrunning and Migu Run that I didn’t know about before and it was very interesting to hear about their purpose all the fantastic work that they do for the sport.

Their purpose is to find the best Skyrunnner in the world!

Check out the video to get to know Seana and to learn more about Skyrunning and the Skyrunner® World Series!

Thanks a lot, Seana for sharing and good luck with your Skyrunning and your job at Migu Run Skyrunner® World Series!

Happy Skyrunning!

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