My Mountain Marathon Training Online Program – Week 11

It’s been very hot and very hard here at Cyprus, but I can see that the results are coming.

My training program is evolving, and the paces are getting longer now. It’s very hot here at Cyprus (about 35 degrees) and I have been running with extreme high pulse all week because of the heat.

The training method with lots of low pulse running + some very high pulse running + strength training + stretch is working very well for me and my VO2 max is getting better and better.

If you like to see the whole training program from week 1 start here.

My Mountain Marathon Training Online Program – Week 1

This is week 11 of my online training with Fernando…

Cyprus, training on the beach.
Cyprus, training on the beach.
Cyprus, training on the beach.
Cyprus, training on the beach.

Training week 11

10 July – 16 July…


Rest day


Easy Running 30 min + 15 min in progression from zone 2 to 5

Total time: 45 minutes


Strength training

Cuadriceps down with the knees + lateral plank

Total time: 10 min

Legs running circuit

  1. Burpees
  2. Jump lunges
  3. Knee up
  4. Sumo squats
  5. Walking lunges
  6. Raised reversed lunges
  7. Jump squat

Running 30-40 seconds between every exercise. Do one or two laps to the circuit, according to your feelings. Rest 2 or 3 minutes between laps

Total time: 20 min


Long run

Total time: 1 hour 30 min


Total time: 20 min


Easy run

Total time: 40 min


Total time: 16 min


Functional strength training 

Glutes exersises, Core exersises, Scapula exercices, one leg balance squat, hips Mobility, chest stretch, etc…

Total time: 1 hour


Rest day. Travelling back to Sweden.

Summary of the week

About 5 hours effective training time this week. It’s been very hot and I’ve been running in my highest pulse zones, but it has been a good week.

Fernandos pulse training methods is forsure starting to bring in some results. My watch measured a new VO2 max.


Check out week 12…

Happy SkyRunning!



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