My Mountain Marathon Training Online Program – Week 14
8 August 2019

My Mountain Marathon Training Online Program – Week 14

This is the week that I have been training for, longing for, and looking forward to all year. Åre Mountain Marathon Week and “Kia Fjällmaraton 2019, 43 km, 2100 D+”.

This will be my third time doing the race and this time I also had a time goal. My goal was to do it in 6:30 (In my first race 2017 I did it in 8:45, 2018 I did it one hour better in 7:49), so it’s quite an aggressive goal that I have been training for very hard all year now.

I started to train specifically for this mountain running season in the beginning of January this year. Since then I’ve managed to stay out of injuries, and I haven’t even got sick once. So, I’m very glad for that. In average I would say that I’ve been training 5 times a week with some variations during the time of course.

  • Once a week functional training, mobility and stretch (1 hour).
  • Once a week basic strength training (1 hour).
  • Once a week Pace changes in very high pulse zone including stretch (1 hour).
  • Once a week Easy run + stretch (1 hour).
  • Once a week Long run / hillwork (1:30 – 2 hours).
  • Sometimes I have also added some Cross training, Powerwalking or Yoga as extras.

The training method has proven to work very well on me personally, and this season I also started racing a little earlier  doing my first race in June at Madeira running the  Santana Skyrace. Which was a smart thing to do, I think.

Check out below how I did in the race!

Välliste, the last mountain of Kia Fjällmaraton.

If you like to see the whole training program from week 1 start here.

My Mountain Marathon Training Online Program – Week 1

This is week 14 of my online training with Fernando…

Training week 14

31 July – 6 August…


Rest day

I can definitely feel my legs from the Vertical K race from Tuesday (yesterday), and I’m a little worried that I will not recover in time.


Easy run

Very easy and short run, just to get my legs moving.

  1. Easy run20 min @ 155 bpm
    Zone 2: Aerobic
    En zonas 1-2
  2. Repeat 1 times
    1. Progresiones5 min @ 200 bpm
      Zone 5C: Anaerobic Capacity
      4 progressions of 50-60 m. Recovery of 1 minute easy running or going back walking to the initial point
    2. Cool down5 min @ 146 bpm
      Zone 1: Recovery
      Vuelta a la calma

Total time: 30 minutes


Massage with ball to discharge foot muscles

Hamstrings stretching

Total time: 12 minutes


Rest day


Race day – Kia fjällmaraton, 43 KM, 2100 D+

I woke up with to high rest pulse (56 instead of 51) and I felt tired. I was a little worried that my body wasn’t 100% recovered from the Vertical K race this Tuesday. I had a nice breakfast with egg and sandwich, and I took some extra magnesium and Resorb (to keep hydrated) and of course coffee.

The race started at Vålodalen and the first 3 km in the race was street running uphills. Almost everyone in the race started too fast and too hard (for me) and I think there were a lot of street runners in the race. I didn’t do very well here and I got too high pulse too soon. I tried to don’t care so much of the other runners and I tried to keep my own pace and went very slow in the first uphill.

When the first downhill started everything suddenly changed. I realized that I was very fast and good technical compared to the runners around me and that gave me lots of energy. In the first downhill I ran past many runners, and at the first stop after the first downhill my time was quite good.

The race starts to go better and better and I just run and run! I managed to keep hydrated and I had a good level of energy the whole race (I tried to eat and drink a little bit all the time while power-hiking uphill).

I noticed that the people around me gets all types of problems like cramp, hurting knees and are generally tired. But I feel good and just kept running on all down hills and the flat parts, and I keep a good power-hiking pace uphills.

Finally, I made it to the third and last mountain (Välliste) and I started to go even faster in the last downhill section. I went so fast in the last section, so I got to Trillevallen (finish line) about 8 minutes before predicted time (according to Race One).

I did the race in 6:48 which is a very good time (even though I didn’t reach my goal of 6:30). The race was a pleasure all the way through (except for the first hour :-)), and this time I felt that I was very well prepared.

Great thanks to my trainer Fernando that helped me with all the preparations! While people around me has been comparing and talking about how many km they have done before the race, I’ve just been focused in doing my planned trainings, training SMART!

Total time: 6 hours 48 minutes

Ottfjället, the first mountain of Kia fjällmaraton


Rest day

I feel totally ok after the race this time. Not like my first race 2017 when I was in pain for a month after the race.

No injuries, no extreme muscle soreness, just a little normal tired as expected.


Mountaineering with my daughter

A great recovery for the day is mountaineering together with my daughter Matilda. Today we did  Östra leden, 1000 meters in vertical downhill.

Total time: 4:30 (normal time is about 1:30 :-))

My daughter Matilda, Åre, Östra leden.


Rest day 

Summary of the week

A great week with full focus on race (about 8 hours of effective training and racing this week all together). It’s been a very good week I feel ready for my next challenge, “Buff – Bydalens Fjällmaraton” 50km, 2900 D+ in the 24 of August.

Check out Week 15!

Happy SkyRunning!



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