When dreams come true
18 February 2020

When dreams come true

This is the year when I turned my Skyrunning into a professional career and became a part of something new and very important.

Blog by Snezana Djuric and a continuation of the story…
Everything is possible, the impossible just takes a little more time

Everything is possible, the impossible just takes a little more time

That’s right. Point taken here is time. Of course, with time goes work, effort and willpower. As a kid, I often thought that people run so many miles, 10k, 20k … how do they do it?

Will I ever be able to do this?

When I started it was difficult. However, every start is difficult, so they say :)! I got to the half marathon from the beginning. Not so fast, but I arrived :). After that, I was thinking, can I do it fast? Can I go to some other races? What is a half marathon and what is a mountain race? Because, as you read, I am a fan of trail running :). So, I came to my coach and an extreme sports team in the city where I live. Well, then there was a mess in my head! Meters, kilometres, hills, plains, hillsides, speed, breathing, where are the arms, where are the legs: D ?!Ahahahahah…

But, as I wrote, with hard work and a strong will, everything comes into place. So, I started competing in trail racing. There was everything, ups, downs, hard races, those easy ones, the pain, the laughter, the fun … I was thinking more and more about how it would be good to make it a lifestyle, a job, something to live on.

These are my beautiful mountains and home arena, Kablar, Serbia.

How I turned my Skyrunning into a professional career

When I was writing last blog, one of the questions was, is Skyrunning my hobby or something that I live by? It was a hobby at that point, and my job was the job of a physical therapist. I was then named the Runner of the Month by the SkyRunner Adventurers Community and it was already the beginning of my dream come true … It is nice when you really want something, you work, and the results come.

A few months after that, after more races and miles, I was declared the winner of the SkyRunner Challenge. I was literally screaming with happiness! Wow! Me?!

Yes me. More specifically, my coach and I :). To make the surprise even bigger, SkyRunner, more precisely Katinka Nyberg (the founder), offered me a professional contract. My hobby is growing into something more … ? Well, this is an opportunity not to be missed!

We talked about everything, exchanged opinions, talked about mountains, about racing everywhere in the world, about Serbia and my opportunities and desires, about everything … One of the questions in last blog was, what are your plans for the future, what do I want? Honestly, I wanted something like this :). It’s nice to do what you love and enjoy it. Katinka recognized and understood it.

First place on Skyrunning race in Serbia. Ultra Trail Stara Planina 57km, 2450 D+ Time 6:44:53, Skyrunning Serbia. Winner of the SkyRunner Challenge 2019.
Me, Vladimir, Katinka & Fernando mountaineering at Kablar, Serbia.

Serbia meets Sweden, meets Spain

Shortly after the agreement was concluded, Katinka and Fernando (SkyRunner Head Coach) expressed their wish to come to Serbia, to get to know me, and to start something that would certainly be big and important, nice and useful.

Serbia is a small country with a big heart. I hope they saw it. We trained together, doing tests of mobility, flexibility, strength. Go to the mountains and places where I usually train with my friends. They met my coach Marko, a friend of mine, Vladimir, my running pal. The week that we had together was hard-working, fun and motivating!

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