Different shades of success
23 March 2020

Different shades of success

Success is not all about scoring well in a race. Success is also about your personal progress, your wellbeing, and the small steps that you take every day.

In this series of blog posts, you can follow Snezana and take part of her very exciting journey together with team Arduua, going from amateur to a professional Skyrunner.

This week you can read more about motivation and the importance of training…

Blog by Snezana Djuric and a continuation of the story…

A hell of 80k in 7 days

The importance of training

Now, since our situation is such that we have no races for a certain period, there are no competitions … we can focus on talking about training.

I spend as much time with recreationists, but especially with serious athletes, I realize how important the training process is to both. Everyone gives their maximum at certain moments and for their goals. The goal for someone is to run a marathon, to improve their health, to participate in competitions, to win … Whatever the goal is, one thing is for sure – training is a must have. Only, the concept of training depends on the goal and your current readiness.

There are people who deal with this, more specifically coaches who are trained and know what is good for you and how you should train. They know what it takes for your body to get better and better. There are people who would do everything quickly, get some good results, and then shut down … Injuries occur, cannot progress, stand still or go backwards. We don’t want that, do we?

“We want you to understand how important it is to train, to feed, to have people around you who will advise you, point out mistakes, give you motivation to move on.”

I’m talking to you from personal experience. I used to train alone, doing what I could and as far as I knew. Fortunately, Marko Pavlovic came into my life at the right time :D. He and the whole team I train with. There is no jealousy or bad energy here. Just knowledge, learning, coaching, positive energy and a love for sports. It is very important to have a healthy relationship in sports, especially with the people you train with. Since training with them, I have been making progress, I am doing my best, I have learned a lot from them. And I have the desire to learn more and do even better.

Well, that all led me to the Arduua Skyrunning team :).

With all these people, plus with Katinka and Fernando, I can do even more and better. Together we can :). To me, all this is an even greater motivation for success. When I say success, I mean your success, your better. Of course, it’s nice when you score well in the race, but it’s not just success. Your progress is success!

That feeling when you do your best, when you listen and succeed what you envisioned … that feeling is priceless! Of course, there are ups and downs, better and worse days, this is all normal in life and so in sports. But it’s all part of us and our success. I believe what they say, it doesn’t matter if you fall, it’s important you get up and move on! So, a lot of life-coach sayings :D…

Now, we need to apply it all!

The Arduua Skyrunning team is keen to help people who want to thrive, enjoy the sport, be healthy and in love with the trail :).

We have the will, the desire, the opportunities and the coach to work with you!

We have an online coaching system; we have people who can advise you and be with you. We have enough motivation and we try to share it with you :)!

You can contact us if you would like to work with us … we are waiting for you!

Best greetings!

/Snezana Djuric, Arduua Frontrunner

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