A hell of 80k in 7 days
17 March 2020

A hell of 80k in 7 days

Some might say that 80k in 7 days is not so much, but this week of training for sure looks like a hell of 80k.

In this series of blog posts, you can follow Snezana and take part of her very exciting journey together with team Arduua, going from amateur to a professional Skyrunner.

This week you can read more about how a normal week of training could look like…

Blog by Snezana Djuric and a continuation of the story…

Becoming a pro is not easy

Training on the athletics track.

One week of training

I like to share with you some of my training.

This is an example of one week, more specifically my 7 days in February. Some might say that 80k in 7 days is not so much, but for me this was a hell of 80k.


The day started at the athletic stadium. The first workout of the day with an athletic trainer.

3k warm up

Dynamic stretching and athletic exercise.

1 x 1000m

2 x 800m

3 x 600m strong with 200m light

4 x 400m strong with 200m light

5 x 200m strong with 100m light

1k lightweight running


The second training is strength training, as many exercises for the abdomen and back as possible, more precisely for strengthening the core.

It’s been a very difficult day, but it feels really good to be able to do everything the coach says. I feel much stronger after training like this.


3k warm up

Dynamic stretching and athletic exercise.

10 x 100m strong with 100 light weight. There is no stopping until everything is finished.

The second training was strength training for the whole body which included a large number of squats and exercises for the stomach.

This was a slightly easier day than the previous one.


I did the training for 1 hour and 45 minutes, but to keep my terrain hilly. I ran 20k with a 300m climb.

Believe me, those hills seemed so long to me … Hard training length after these two days with intervals at the athletic stadium.

After training I went into cold water to recover my muscles.


3k warm up

Dynamic stretching and athletic exercise

4 x 200m strong with 200m lightweight running

1 x 1200m strong

2 x 800m strong

1x 1000m strong

1 x 1200m strong

1k lightweight running


Hard work J.


6k in the morning, gentle running

6k afternoon, a little bit faster than in the morning.


Whole body strength training + stretching. Here are some videos of exercises that I do…


28k with progression.

We ran a circle that is 4.7k and has 65 climbs. It means 6 times this round, the first round slightly, with the progression of each round to the end.

This round takes soul, believe me ?

Training on the athletic tracks


Ok, to sum it up. During this week I had strong intervals on the athletic track, I had long distances with the hills and with progression, I had strong strength training. All in all, a tough week, at least it was me :).

This is an example of a week, and how many such or similar or more difficult ones should be made on the road to becoming a pro :D?

I think a lot more. But it is my choice and my goal, my dreams. I will work to make them come true. I will train for bigger miracles :).

I wish you lots of training like this, be strong!

Let me help you with your training and become one of us! If there is anything you like to ask me please send me an e-mail to Snezana Djuric djsnezaa2@gmail.com.

/Snezana Djuric, Arduua Frontrunner

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