Outdoor exercises for Skyrunners
8 October 2020

Outdoor exercises for Skyrunners

Shall we practice together ?! I know, I know, you don’t like the gym, but you’re not going to get away with it so easily! 🙂

Strength exercises are very important for runners, and a large number of exercises can be done outside. The good side is that you can do exercises in the places you like, breathe fresh air, use what you have, you can do a lot of exercises without props, and even if you have company … happiness is even greater :)!

Strength and running go together. When you work on yourself and have goals in front of you, you also need to have plans and know what it takes to reach the goal. Many don’t think about strength exercises, they’re bored of doing it, or they haven’t tried it so they don’t know how much they mean. I advise you to include this type of training in your schedule. It will become clear to you how much stronger your body is and how much better you feel when you are stronger.

Like I said, you can do a lot of exercises outside, without weights. For example, you can do a lot of leg exercises and use stairs, benches, trees, a stump, anything you can climb to be stable. The stairs are great because you will get your legs and body used to the movement, which is very important on hills on technical terrains. You can do low skip, high skip, skip one step, two steps, do jump-squat on the steps…Also, you can do different variations of squats and step outs wherever the ground allows.

As for the upper part of the body, you can again use the places wherever it is convenient for you to work. Meadows, terrains, large benches, beaches, quay by the river …For different types of push-ups, or any endurance in this position, you don’t need anything but yourself :).These exercises are good for the upper body, but also for strengthening the core which is the basis of everything.

What is done very often and which is one of my favorite exercises is endurance, the so-called plank. It can be done in several variants.An exercise that strengthens the deep layer of muscles, mostly the abdominal wall and lower back, but also involves the rest of the body.You know that people often compete who can last longer in the plank :). It is important that this exercise is done, in the beginning fewer seconds in several series, so later add a few seconds each time :).My favorite here is the lateral plank. I love the feeling of strengthening the lateral abdominal muscles!

What I just adore about exercising is that something new always comes to my mind and I get ideas. In nature you also practice coordination of movements, balance, learn to use what you find, develop your senses, and enjoy nature. It’s nice when you start exercising, so you just get some ideas, combine exercises, use natural resources and get stronger! And one more thing- it’s free for everyone :)! Go to a nearby park or mountain if you are close and find your inspiration!

And now … another thing you love so much – stretching! Ahahaha, I know! It’s boring and painful, but one of the most important things in the training process and the life of runners. Go slowly, in the beginning it will hurt more, then less … and it will be easier, just like running. Every start is hard! Muscle elasticity is very important, it protects your muscles from injury. Understand this as an integral part of your training process. Your muscles will feel better, they will be more elastic and less susceptible to injuries, this is prevention! And of course, to improve your performance and running technique, shortened muscles can’t make a step as elastic. Think of your body!

Skyrunners, let’s be stronger! We want to last, to run for many years, we do not want to run only this month, this year … The mountains are just waiting for us, new adventures and races.

Exercise in your favorite places, exercise with friends, Listen to your body and try to be healthy and strong, therefore your thoughts will be more beautiful and stronger. When you exercise with friends you can always exchange opinions, you will help each other, give the wind in your back.

Soon there will be more videos with exercises for runners on different levels. I will work on shooting as many exercises outside, without weights, but of course those in the gym for those who like it. I hope that you will like something and that you will be able to use some for your trainings. 🙂

Stay healthy and strong!

Arduua Skyrunner Frontrunner / Snezana Djuric

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