10 January 2021


Tibial Periostitis is a medical condition that makes sufferers experience a mild ache in the lower leg area after activities like running and jumping.

It is a painful condition that mainly affects the tissue layer surrounding the tibia and fibula. It results from inflammation and irritation of Periosteum, the connective tissue layer surrounding the bones. Athletes and runners are more likely to develop inflammations of the periosteum in the lower leg region, a condition known as Shin splints. Activities like running, turning and jumping puts pressure on the legs which results in irritation of the Periosteum.


Before Training:– Very good warm-up, starting with joint mobility exercises from ankles up, followed by dynamic stretching, especially important all the muscles of origin and insertion in the ankles, knee and hips.- Start with and easy running 15-20 min on soft ground.

During Training:– Avoid running on hard terrain such as asphalt and concrete and try to put grass and softer gorund terrain.- We are going to avoid top speeds, short and explosive changes of pace and large volumes of training. Adjust planning.- Try to keep your foot relaxed in the aerial phase of running. (Not with the toes pointing up all the time)-Work on your running tehnique. Athletic exercises are great for improving technique and thus injury prevention.


After Training:– Apply cold 10-15 min after finishing training. If you have a bucket that you can put ice water in and put legs up to almost knee great. (It’s a bit unpleasant….)-Massage the painful area with an ice cube. In case of inflammation, it is important to cool often to reduce the inflammation. After training, and you can feel free to do it several times a day.Massage until the cube melts.

Actions:– It would help you to visit a physio.It is the best to know right diagnosis.- Compression stockings socks can help you, as they greatly reduce calf and soleus vibrations in the runnings and take some stress away from the tibia.- Change / renew / alternate your shoes.

Tell me what drop you’re running with now and how is your ankle mobility according to Arduua mobility test.

Here is exercises for the tibial muscle and problems with the tibial periostitis.These are just a few exercises that will help you a lot if you have a weakness of this muscle.Just remember, never overdo the exercises in a strong inflammatory phase.

/Snezana Djuric, Arduua Frontrunner

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