30 December 2020

Arduua 2020 and entry into the new 2021!

Everyday small improvements always lead to exceptional results.

This year has started great, with getting to know the Arduua team and me, and big plans.In January, Katinka and Fernando came to Serbia to meet, officially start cooperation and enjoy the mountains of Serbia.We spent some wonderful days together doing tests, training and making plans.

But, it is interesting how everything changes against your will.As soon as it started to heat up, the winter training process ended, the situation with the virus started …Races around the world started to be canceled, and no one knew how long everything would last, but it was clear to us that the season was over in advance …

What to do then? People began to lose their will, in most countries there was a ban on going out, and therefore the inability to train.

Okay, we’ll do what we can!

We can always do trainings at home! I personally tried to always force myself to train, even when I lacked motivation. In those moments I talked to friends with whom I train and we supported each other, worked at home, did trainings together where we can.

On the other hand, as far as the Arduua team is concerned, we have worked a lot on marketing and our equipment.

We had a lot of work around the equipment for exercises and clothes. You can see some of it on our website.


Nikola Miljkovic photographer

Over the past months, from March to October, the Skyrunning Virtual Challenge was current, and on this occasion I would like to thank everyone who participated. I am glad that we launched you and that you had motivation despite the situation.

As the nicer weather started, the sun and summer, it seems to me that the people moved a little. The measures due to the virus were a little milder, and people were able to train and go to the mountains.

I was lucky that races were organized in Serbia and several races in Bosnia and Herzegovina, it is also the only country where we could travel from Serbia at that time.Unfortunately, I could not go to the race in Sweden because of the situation with the virus, but then I participated in the races here.

Finish one of the hardest this year

After that, plans had to be made for the future. The races are over, the virus is still there, the situation is getting worse everywhere in the world, but somehow we got used to it.

Plans are being made for next year! Now there are two of us from Serbia in the Ardua team. My friend Vlada has also become part of the team.We are stronger together :)!

Nikola Miljkovic photographer

Our plans are joint camps and races next year! We will have camps in Spain and Serbia. You can read all about it on our website also.

In addition, we worked on videos and exercises for different muscle groups, about the problems and weaknesses that runners have during training and running, and all this you will have the opportunity to see soon.

This year I have definitely been working on my weaknesses and on the progress of what I am doing.Step by step…:)

Nikola Miljkovic photographer

If we do some small tasks well, we will be good in bigger endeavors as well. Every small effort is the basis for the next one and so we build great things!

Bye, bye 2020. and welcome 2021! 🙂

I wish you a happy New year from the bottom of my heart, and hope it will be better for all of us!

Nikola Miljkovic photographer

/Snezana Djuric

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