12 September 2022


We all love the downhills! 🙂 Here are some great tips from Arduua Coach Fernando Armisén, to think about.

1. If not so steep you can take longer steps.

2. When it goes steeper you can increase your cadence and do more and shorter steps.

3. Silent and light steps, we search to flow with the gravity and the ground not fighting against it.

5. You do not run just with your legs….use all your body!! Your arms for balance and your shoulders to lead your running and body position.

4. Try to contact the ground with your entire sole, not nailing your heels, unless necessary.

6. You can control your speed going down not only throwing your shoulders and your body behind and contacting the ground with your heel.

7. You can also control speed by trying to lift a bit more your knees while going down, or going down doing some Z´s trying to avoid to take the path by the most desnivel parts.

8. Strength and physical condition is a must to enjoy and go downhill with safe and health.

9. Some runners also use running poles in the downhills to release some pressure from the legs.

10. And of course to loose the fair and improve your technique…nothing better than practise, practise, practise…..

For more info how we train differently for Skyrunning. Please check out our webpage https://arduua.com/how-we-train/.


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