20 June 2023

Conquering the Hochkönigman Skyrace

A Thrilling Journey of Endurance and Determination.

Finishing your first Skyrace is an unparalleled accomplishment, especially when it’s as demanding as the Hochkönigman Skyrace.

Meet Daniél Jaime Sastre, a passionate trail runner from Sweden, with no previous experience in Skyrunning, who embarked on this challenging adventure in the breathtaking landscape of Austria.

Let’s dive into Daniél’s remarkable race experience and relive the triumphs and trials he encountered along the way.

Daniél Jaime Sastre, Starting line at Hochkönigman Skyrace .

Preparing for the Challenge

In pursuit of conquering the Hochkönigman Skyrace, Daniél reached out to Arduua for assistance with training and race preparation. With unwavering determination, he set his sights on completing the grueling 32km course with 2800 meters of elevation gain, known for its technical terrain and its inclusion in the prestigious Skyrunner World Series.

The Race Begins

– Facing Unforeseen Difficulties: On the day of the race, Daniél was filled with a mix of excitement and nerves. However, he quickly realized that the course had been altered due to heavy snow conditions on the summits. The revised route, labeled as the “B course,” stretched over 34km and boasted an additional 3000 meters of elevation gain, featuring longer and more challenging ascents and descents.

Overcoming the Uphill Battle

Right from the start, Daniél felt the strain on his lungs, possibly due to the high humidity and altitude. The initial ascent presented a formidable task, taking runners through hills and forests, an arduous challenge to replicate in his training grounds of Gothenburg. Despite feeling the pressure, Daniél persevered, trying to keep pace with a mid-pack group. However, as the race progressed, he found himself struggling to maintain their pace.

Confronting Mental and Physical Challenges

Navigating a serpentine gravel road down to a valley offered Daniél a momentary recovery. The echoing sounds of enthusiastic percussionists fueled his spirit. However, the daunting sight of a steep stone ravine loomed ahead, testing his resolve. The relentless incline, peaking at 30%, pushed him to his limits. Thoughts of doubt crept into his mind, but with the memories of his training, the support of his family, and the determination to push through, Daniél kept fighting.

Reaching the Summit – A Breathtaking Experience

Finally, Daniél reached the summit, surrounded by awe-inspiring alpine beauty. Sitting on a rock, he savored the stunning vistas and mentally prepared himself for the challenging descent that lay ahead. The descent from the summit involved a steep, snow-covered stretch, where Daniél made a bold choice: to slide down on his backside, experiencing the thrill and discomfort simultaneously.

Beattiful mountains, with lots of snow.

Descending with Determination

After the exhilarating snow descent, Daniél’s legs came alive, and he found himself overtaking other runners effortlessly. The struggle he endured on the uphill seemed a distant memory as he navigated the treacherous terrain with newfound confidence. Pushing through cramps and setbacks, he marveled at his resilience and questioned how he could find strength in such adversity.

Enduring Cramps and Pushing Forward

As the race progressed, Daniél encountered cramps in his groins and front quads, momentarily halting his pace. Determined to overcome these obstacles, he stopped to stretch, hydrated, and even accepted a salt tablet offered by a fellow runner. With renewed determination, he continued his descent, battling through the discomfort and pushing forward.

Surging Towards the Finish Line

With the final stretch in sight, Daniél mustered all his remaining strength. He raced through rolling trails, maneuvering through the woods with precision and agility. Cramps persisted, but he fought through the pain, overtaking other competitors and steadily closing in on the village below. The sight of his family cheering him on further fueled his determination.

Reflections on an Unforgettable Experience

As Daniél crossed the finish line, a mix of emotions overwhelmed him. Exhausted yet elated, he lay down, reflecting on the incredible journey he had just completed. The grueling 34km race, encompassing over 3000 meters of elevation gain, had tested his physical and mental limits like never before. It was a moment of triumph, and tears welled up in his eyes as he contemplated the magnitude of his achievement.

Looking back on this unforgettable experience, Daniél realized that human potential knows no bounds when the mind is focused and determined. Through months of rigorous training, the support of loved ones, and unwavering perseverance, he had defied his own expectations.


Daniél Jaime Sastre’s first Skyrace, the Hochkönigman, was a testament to the indomitable human spirit. Overcoming unforeseen challenges, battling fatigue, and pushing through intense physical pain, Daniél emerged triumphant. His race experience serves as a reminder that by setting our minds to ambitious goals and persisting in the face of adversity, we can achieve remarkable feats.

As Daniél continues his trail running journey, he carries the lessons learned from this challenging endeavor, knowing that he is capable of pushing beyond his perceived limits.

The Hochkönigman Skyrace will forever hold a special place in his heart—a testament to his unwavering determination and the incredible power of the human spirit.

Thank you very much Daniél for sharing your experience with us!

You did a great job on the race and with all the preparations, pushing strong.

Good luck with your next race!

/Katinka Nyberg, CEO/Founder Arduua

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