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30 November 2023

Unleash Your Trail Running Potential: Crafting Your Yearly Triumph

Embarking on a new season is like standing at the precipice of possibility, fueled by dreams, goals, and unyielding motivation. It’s the moment that sets the stage for what could be an epic journey.

In this empowering blog, David Garcia, an ardent trail runner and seasoned coach at Arduua from Spain, beckons you to dream bigger and achieve more. Let’s not just build a yearly training plan; let’s sculpt a path to triumph.

Running for Life: Long-Term Goals and Lasting Success

As we delve into the intricate art of crafting a yearly training plan, it’s crucial to remember that we’re not just training for a single season or a specific race; we’re training for life. David’s dream scenario as a coach is to accompany a runner for many years, aiming for higher goals, and witnessing the magic of evolution.

Too often, runners succumb to the allure of rapid progress, adding excessive volume too soon or aiming for ultra-distances prematurely, only to be sidelined by injuries. The real magic lies in building your training plan on a solid foundation, allowing you to soar to new heights without the fear of stumbling.

David’s dream is to be part of your journey, guiding you towards long-term success, not just fleeting victories. As we aspire for higher summits, let’s build a legacy—one step at a time.

Revelation of Your Starting Point: Where Dreams Take Flight

The dawn of the season is more than just a starting line; it’s a gateway to the extraordinary. As you set your sights on races of varying priority (A, B, or C), envision the adventure unfolding—the highs, the challenges, and the transformation.

But here’s the crucial twist—how often do we embark on this journey without a trail guide, a coach who understands the intricate dance of physical, technical, and mental prowess?

David Garcia, your trail whisperer, unveils the secret to a triumphant journey: knowing where you begin.

Where the Journey Begins: Unveiling Your Potential

The question may seem simple: where do we start? Yet, the answer is a tapestry of self-discovery and mindful evaluation. Before the first step of your training plan comes the revelation of strengths and vulnerabilities.

Why the initial assessment? Even if you’re injury-free, understanding your body’s quirks—its weaknesses and strengths—charts a course for improvement, resilience, and longevity in your running journey.

Imagine this assessment as a compass guiding you through unexplored terrain, revealing the valleys to conquer and the peaks to claim.

Trailblazing Tests at Arduua: Mapping Your Inner Landscape

At Arduua, we’re not just crafting a plan; we’re crafting your saga. Before we delve into the intricacies of your training, we embark on a series of tests—a rite of passage that unveils your runner’s soul.

  1. Mobility Test:
    • Gauge your freedom of motion, ensuring your journey is unhindered.
  2. Stability and Balance Test:
    • Align your ankle, hip, and knee for a stable foundation, the bedrock of every powerful stride.
  3. Strength Test:
    • Sculpt your core, empower your limbs, and fortify your resilience.
  4. Aerobic Condition Test:
    • Define your work zones, unleashing the potential of each metabolic pathway in the trail.
  5. Running Technique Test and Biomechanical Values:
    • Witness the dance of your running pattern, understanding not just your gait but the rhythm of your journey.

This isn’t just a test; it’s a revelation. Armed with the knowledge of where you stand, we venture into the heart of your yearly plan, crafting a narrative that speaks to your aspirations.

Crafting Your Triumph: Beyond the Horizon

As we tread deeper into your training journey, we’ll unravel the secrets of building a successful yearly plan. But for now, embrace the power of knowing where you stand. Your potential is not just a destination; it’s the very ground on which your victories will be etched.

Stay tuned for the next chapter as David G, your Arduua Coach and Fernando Armisén, guides you through the art of sculpting triumph on the trail.

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