5 December 2023

Celebrating the Extraordinary: Stephane Moulin’s Coast 2 Kosci Ultra Triumph

At Arduua, we take immense pride in our runners’ achievements, and today, we have the pleasure of celebrating Stephane Moulin’s remarkable feat at the Coast 2 Kosci Ultra in Australia.

Stephane, who commenced his training journey with Arduua and Coach David Garcia in May 2023, has exemplified dedication, resilience, and sheer endurance.

About the Coast 2 Kosci Ultra

The Coast 2 Kosci Ultra is no ordinary race; it’s an invitational ultra event in Australia, now in its 15th year. The Race Directors carefully select 50/60 runners based on their running resumes, making it a gathering of some of the most accomplished athletes in the running community.

The race spans a challenging 240km, starting from the lowest point in Australia at Boydtown beach and concluding at the highest point, Mt Kosciuzko in the Australian Alps. This demanding road event comprises 50% dirt road and the remaining on tarmac, testing the mettle of even the most seasoned runners.

Runners are accompanied by their crew vehicle, providing essential support every 5km, including fueling and other necessities. It’s a unique and demanding ultra experience that pushes athletes to their limits.

Stephane’s Coastal Odyssey

Stephane Moulin, having previously participated in the event in 2016 and 2021, embraced the challenge once again in 2023. However, this time, nature threw a formidable curveball with appalling weather conditions – 150mm of rain, local flooding, lightning, 80km winds, and a hailstorm. Despite the harsh conditions, Stephane displayed unwavering determination.

Due to safety concerns, the race organizers decided to shorten the course to 225km, omitting the summit climb. Yet, Stephane’s performance shone brightly. Crossing the finish line in an impressive 33 hours and 2 minutes, he achieved a personal best on the ‘shortened’ course, securing the 20th position out of 60 participants and claiming the 1st position in his age category.

A Heartfelt Thanks to Coach David Garcia

Behind every triumph lies a journey marked by guidance, expertise, and unwavering support. We extend our deepest gratitude to Coach David Garcia, whose coaching prowess and dedication played a pivotal role in Stephane’s success. It’s a testament to the exceptional coaching provided by Arduua, empowering runners to reach new heights and conquer extraordinary challenges.

Stephane’s journey exemplifies the Arduua spirit – pushing boundaries, overcoming obstacles, and celebrating the joy of running. We salute Stephane Moulini on his Coast 2 Kosci Ultra achievement and look forward to inspiring more triumphs together.

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