5 December 2023

Trail Running Triumphs: Your Exclusive Insider

Greetings, Passionate Trailblazers,

Embark on a trail-blazing journey with Arduua as we unveil the latest insights, tips, and exciting offerings for trail runners like you. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting, our commitment to your triumph is unwavering.

In this edition, our experienced coaches are eager to share invaluable knowledge and advice on strategic training planning for the upcoming trail running season. Get ready to delve into the minds of our experts as they guide you on how to approach and strategize your training effectively, ensuring a season of endurance, resilience, and peak performance.

Join us as we explore the intricacies of trail running and empower you with the tools to conquer new heights. Your success is not just a destination; it’s the terrain for your victories. Stay tuned for a transformative experience and become a part of a community that thrives on triumph.

Conquering Peaks: Crafting Your Pre-Season Triumph

Dive into Fernando Armisén’s wisdom as he unravels the keys to pre-season mastery. From decoding the art of brilliance to navigating the two phases, this blog sets the stage for a season of endurance, resilience, and peak performance. Read More >>

Unleash Your Trail Running Potential: Crafting Your Yearly Triumph

Join David Garcia in dreaming bigger and achieving more. This empowering blog focuses on long-term goals, understanding your starting point, and the art of crafting triumph. Don’t just build a yearly training plan; sculpt a path to triumph. Read More >>

Arduua Tests for Trail running, Skyrunning and Ultra-trail

We fully believe that to improve something, first you have to measure it and know where it starts. In our Online Coaching program, we always perform certain tests on the runners to ensure that you are in the right ranges of motion, stability, balance and strength.

These tests will give us specific information of mobility, balance and strength to be trained during your training programme in order to create the best conditions for an efficient running technique.

From this 360º vision of the athlete, we can establish an effective training plan that allows us to improve all their capabilities and work specifically on the skills and abilities of their objective careers.

In the end of this article you can find a video that summarizes the tests. Read More >>

Yearly Plan & Periodization

To ensure that you will be in your very best shape at race day, your coach will start to create a yearly plan for you, including your racing agenda and different phases of training. We factor the races you want to run in to your training plan breaking them down into A races, B races and C races. Read More >>

Mastering Athlete Training Load: The Key to Peak Performance

Delve into the science behind peak performance with Arduua. Understand the role of training load, the art of monitoring metrics, and how we tailor the journey for excellence. Your potential is not just a destination—it’s the ground for your victories. Read More >>

Trail running Coach Online:
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Ready to elevate your trail running experience?

Dive into these exclusive insights and be part of a community that thrives on triumph.

For more details or to kickstart your trail transformation, sprint over to this webpage. Questions? Excitement to share? Reach out to Katinka Nyberg at katinka.nyberg@arduua.com.

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Stay unstoppable, Katinka Nyberg, CEO/Founder, Arduua

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