24 January 2024

Frozen Triumph: Fredrik Alfredsson’s Unyielding Conquest of Sandsjöbacka Trail’s 180K Challenge

In the heart of the Swedish wilderness, Fredrik Alfredsson, an unyielding member of Team Arduua Frontrunner, recently etched his name in the history books with a daring conquest of the formidable Sandsjöbacka Trail.

This 180-kilometer odyssey unfolded against the backdrop of snowstorms, treacherous terrains, and an indomitable spirit that propelled Fredrik through the night.

About Fredrik Alfredsson

Fredrik, a trailblazer in the Arduua training concept for over four years, is more than an athlete; he embodies the ethos of endurance. Beyond the trails, Fredrik manages family life and operates a horse farm east of Gothenburg. Yet, his dreams extend further—envisioning an environmentally sustainable ECO-lodge in the mountains of Spain, where mental and physical health will take center stage. His journey is a tapestry woven with passion, commitment, and a relentless pursuit of excellence.

About Sandsjöbacka trail in Sweden

Sandsjöbacka, a grassroots race nestled near Gothenburg, has been a crucible for unique ultra concepts over the years. This year, the race featured four different distances—30k, 60k, 95k, and the daring Out and Back 180+. Fredrik, always drawn to the allure of the unknown, embarked on the 180+ challenge, a grueling self-supported odyssey covering almost 90k of picturesque trails from Skatås to Tjolöholm on a snowy Friday night. The catch? Being at Tjolöholm by 6 am on Saturday for the return leg.

Of the 22 brave starters, only 5 dared to commence on Saturday morning, and a mere 3 emerged victorious from this ultimate test of endurance.

Race Report – Sandsjöbacka Trail

Skatås to Tjolöholm 89km (91km on my watch due to navigation errors): Fredrik’s debut into the realm of ultra-running was nothing short of a baptism by fire, as he ventured into uncharted territory beyond the familiar 80k mark. Adjusting his strategies on the fly due to fresh snow, his initial plan of starting at 5 pm was recalibrated to 4:30 pm. Navigating the rough and hilly first 15 km, Fredrik’s only hiccup was a shortage of water, prompting a resourceful search during the frigid night. Battling through a snowstorm on a low ridge, the last stretch to Tjolöholm proved arduous. Yet, arriving after 4 am allowed him ample time to recharge with a change of clothes and a brief reprieve in a sleeping bag.

Tjolöholm to Skatås 95 km (over 96 km on my watch): As the start gun echoed through the crisp morning air, Fredrik found himself amidst Sweden’s best mountain ultra runners. Opting not to chase their pace but rather to assert his strength, the initial easy road kilometers were conquered at a brisk 5-6 pace. Gradually slowing on more technical terrain, his body remained resilient. Energized by a stunning sunrise and fortified with Umara caffeine shots, Fredrik powered through the first 40km with a remarkable feeling. Navigating the diverse terrain, he adeptly managed to maintain high 6 pacing where possible, mentally conquering pain and dispelling negative thoughts. Breaking down the race into six parts initially, he found the need to further dissect the final segments as he approached the last aid station 20 km before the finish line. A momentary loss of motivation was swiftly rekindled by the unwavering support of volunteers, propelling him to the finish line with renewed energy.

The last 10 km, adorned with hills and shared with 30k and 60k runners, posed additional challenges as the trails became slippery and icy. Yet, Fredrik’s mental fortitude prevailed, his strong uphill strides propelling him towards the awaited finish line at Skatås, where family and friends awaited.


Fredrik Alfredsson’s triumph at Sandsjöbacka Trail’s 180K challenge transcends the boundaries of a victory; it is a saga of battling the elements, navigating uncharted terrains, and emerging as the outright winner against the insurmountable odds presented by the unforgiving Swedish winter. As he shifts his focus to recovery and contemplates future races, Fredrik’s journey remains a beacon of inspiration for all adventurers seeking the extraordinary thrill of pushing one’s limits.

The road ahead promises new challenges, and Fredrik Alfredsson, a testament to the spirit of Team Arduua, stands ready to embrace them with unwavering resolve.

Thank you!

Thank you so much, Fredrik, for sharing your amazing story with us! Your dedication, grit, and triumph are an inspiration to us all. Your incredible journey from an ordinary recreational runner to very high-level ultra-trail runner is a testament to what passion, hard work, and the right support can achieve.

You not only excelled in the race but also in your unwavering commitment to preparation and self-discovery. As the trail season concludes, we look forward to your next exciting challenges, and we’re hopeful that your dreams of moving to Spain will come true in the near future.

Wishing you the best of luck on your upcoming races and future endeavors!


Katinka Nyberg, CEO/Founder Arduua

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