Coached by ArduuaManuel García Arcega
15 February 2024

“I want to express my deep gratitude to Coach Fernando for his unwavering support and dedication throughout my running journey, especially during the challenging period of recovering from an injury. Thanks to his guidance, I’ve regained optimal fitness levels to fully enjoy my favorite sport. Both personally and athletically, it was a demanding time for me, to the extent that I contemplated giving up on sports entirely.

I hope that sharing my story can inspire fellow amateur athletes and offer encouragement during their own injury recoveries. It’s crucial to collaborate with the right individuals and diligently adhere to prescribed training and exercises.

Warm regards from Zaragoza, Spain.

Manu, Arduua Team”

Read moe about Manuels running journey in the blog Coming Back from an Injury.

/Manuel García Arcega, Trail runner from Spain

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