My Mountain Marathon Training Online Program – Week 17 – Last post in series
31 August 2019

My Mountain Marathon Training Online Program – Week 17 – Last post in series

I did it! This was fantastic! I can do anything I want! Bydalens Fjällmaraton 50k, 2900 D+, one of the hardest and most amazing mountain marathons in Sweden.

This is the last blogpost in a series of blogposts where I have been documented my journey and my training preparations for Bydalens Fjällmarathon 50k, 2900 D+.

This training program was created specifically for me by my trainer Fernando Armisén, that is located in the mountains of Spain. We’ve been working together online for seventeen weeks now and it has been working out very well.

Fernando has been planning all my trainings, making sure that I would do my very best in my planned races, reaching my goals. We’ve been communicating in e-mails and social media, using my training watch and Traininpeaks as tools.

If you like to see the whole training program from week 1 start here.

My Mountain Marathon Training Online Program – Week 1

Me, leading a group of runners :-), Sällsjöfjället.

A dream comes true

One year ago, I wasn’t even close to be able to run a race like this, this well. So, what happened? Why did I manage to do something that I two years ago, saw as almost impossible?

I started to train specifically for this race in the beginning of January this year. At first, I wasn’t moving forward in the pace that I wanted too, and in the middle of April I decided to take help from Fernando and try his type of training method.

Since I started with Fernando’s method, I’ve been moving forward each month and I set new records all the time in my training watch. I’ve also done very well in all my races this year compared to last year.

I did my first Skyrace at Madeira in June, which was fantastic. I did Kia Fjällmarathon 43k, 2100 D+ in Sweden one hour better than last year. Finally, I reach my main goal of the year just to make it through Bydalens Fjällmarathon 50k, 2900 D+ in Sweden. To my biggest surprise I did more than well. I did it in 8:54 (compared to winner Jennifer Asp 6:06), which I’m very happy with. The race was a pleasure all the way through and I got no injuries or pain.

Buff 50k, Bydalens Fjällmaraton, beautiful views.
Buff 50k, Bydalens Fjällmaraton, Drommenskåran.

Training methodology

I was talking to lots of runners in the race how they train, and I’ve also seen this type of discussions in the race group. Many runners compare number of kilometres that they have done, which is not interesting for me at all. Why? Because my training program is made for me individually and includes a great variety of training with focus on my weaknesses.

One week of training has normally looked like this.

  • 1 session functional training in the gym (mobility, strength, flex), 1 hour
  • 1 session running pace changes (with very high pulse) + stretch, 1 hour
  • 1 session basic gym training to build strength, 1 hour
  • 1 easy run + stretch, 1 hour
  • 1 long run (Trail or hillwork) + stretch, 2 hours,
  • Sometimes an extra cross training session for example mountain bike (1-2 hours)

During the weeks in the mountains I have off course been training more mountain running and more hours, but my average week has been about 6-8 hours effective training, which is not that much considering the race distances that I do.

My conclusion is that I get better effect of my training in fewer hours than many other runners get in more hours doing more running, focusing of number of kilometres. What I can see, they also get more injuries and problems (hurting knees etc).

This last race my recovery time was also shorter. So, I’m getting there ?

When I entered the finish line in Bydalen I was so happy and the first thing that came to my mind was. I just love this sport! I want more! This is not my limit!

Check out the video from the race!

My dreams for the future

Reaching a goal is not the end of a journey. It’s the beginning of a new journey!

I’m dreaming of a Skyrunner lifestyle, I like to experience more challenging races and I want to run faster.

When I get there myself, I also like to help others.

I believe that anyone can do it and I like more people to discover the beauty of Skyrunning. I like to inspire people all over the world to reach their dreams and run faster.

Check out the beginning of my new journey here

Happy SkyRunning!



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