Announcement of new partnership with Fernando Armisén Entrenador
21 November 2019

Announcement of new partnership with Fernando Armisén Entrenador

SkyRunner is pleased to announce that in the 15 of November we entered a new partnership with Fernando Armisén – Entrenador​, personal trainer specialized in Skyrunning and Trail.

Together, we will soon be able to offer our fellow members of the SkyRunner Adventures community everything from smart training tips to online coaching, race trips, and training camps.

Fernando’s role within the company will be to develop the area training and to be responsible for online coaching. Fernando lives in Zaragoza, Spain close to the Spanish Pyrenees which also gives us great training and race environment opportunities.

He loves the mountains and everything about practicing sports in its natural environment.

This is Fernandos story…

Fernando Armisén, at Panticosa, where the trail runners of trail Valle de Tena, Spain reach the finish line.

Eight years ago, Fernando decided to turn his professional career upside down and started studying sport, exercise and physical education trying to pursue his dream.

Until then, he worked as an industrial engineer leading projects although running and other sports were already a big part of his daily routine.

During these years he’s been studying and working to become a specialist trainer in Skyrunning and Trail, as well as a personal trainer and nutrition adviser. He accomplished a bachelor’s degree in physical activity and sport sciences (CAFyD) and a complementary expert specialization in trail-running at the UDIMA university.

Fernando is strongly committed to the sport and he is continuously developing his knowledges. He loves science and he will always be in the forefront of new training methodologies and available tools.

Fernando is coaching all levels of runners and helps them to prepare for the whole season. He designs individual training plans based on the athlete’s physical condition and goals, making sure they will be in their very best shape on race day.

He also offers continuous advice on nutrition, equipment’s, tools and any other matter that would lead to an improvement of performance and health in relation with outdoor sports.

Great welcome to the team Fernando! We are looking forward to accomplishing some great things together!

/SkyRunner, Katinka Nyberg

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