Coached by ArduuaSylwia Kaczmarek
4 October 2023

“Arduua: Your Path to Trail Running Excellence”

Arduua and Coach Fernando have been the driving force behind my journey in the world of Trail running. The invaluable insights and unwavering support I’ve received have propelled me to new heights.

Coach Fernando’s guidance has been transformative, teaching me the art of training, emphasizing the importance of recovery, and the significance of pacing in our regimen. Without this mentorship, I might have embarked on a path of strenuous and prolonged workouts, ultimately leading to fatigue, unpreparedness, or even injury at crucial events.

With Arduua’s expertise and Coach Fernando’s mentorship, I’ve experienced a paradigm shift in my athletic journey. Their guidance has not only led to success but has also paved the way for sustainable growth.

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Sylwia Kaczmarek,
Arduua Team Athlete

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