Coached by ArduuaIldar Islamgazin
2 October 2023

“From Challenge to Victory”

My journey with Arduua and Coach David Garcia has been a game-changer in my trail running endeavors. Thanks to their support, I took on the challenging L’Infernal Trail de Vosges, a 30-kilometer race with a 1200-meter elevation gain, nestled in the scenic Vosges region.

The race was a formidable test of my skills, but Arduua’s guidance and Coach David’s expertise were invaluable. I tackled hills strategically, conserved energy, and pushed my limits when it mattered. I secured a commendable 20th position in the Masters category, marking significant progress in my journey.

This race is just one chapter, and I eagerly look forward to the exciting challenges ahead in the next year. I’m grateful for Arduua’s unwavering support and expert guidance.

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Ildar Islamgazin

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