Today my life takes a whole new direction
1 October 2018

Today my life takes a whole new direction

On May 2, 2018, our IT company Atrox was acquired by Telia Company, and this Friday, September 28, 2018, was my last day as an employee.

Today my life takes a whole new direction, and for me this is a start of a something new. It’s of course with mixed feelings I’m doing this, and it feels both exciting and scary at the same time. Leaving something that is working very well and feels safe, for something new and unknown.

There’s been many amazing years with Atrox, and of course it’s with mixed feelings that I have made this decision. Whilst I leave something that has been a big and important part of my life, I’m also looking forward to all the new challenges and adventures which I will experience. I will continue to work with strategy, leadership development and motivation, which were the parts at Atrox that I enjoyed the most.

With this blog I also like to thank all my fantastic colleagues, customers, partners and other contacts for all the wonderful years we had together. It’s a small world, and I’m sure our roads will be crossed soon.

John Gustavsson from Telia, will take over as new CEO at Atrox/Telia on October 1, and I wish John all the best in the future.

What will I do next?

In the future I will invest in my own newly established company SkyRunner AB, which has received its first assignment at Telia. Within Telia I will work with strategies for their future IT services, which will be super exciting.

In parallel I will go all in for my new hobby SkyRunning, which will hopefully make some good business in the future.

SkyRunner’s vision is to inspire people to get what they want, reach their dreams, and run faster. 

My contribution to your success will be coaching in leadership, sustainable strategies, inspiration, motivation and constantly pushing your limits.

In my blog you can follow me, Katinka Nyberg and all the challenges that I’m facing. In my first blog post you can read more about the story behind SkyRunner, and how I plan to mix my Passion for SkyRunning with my Passion for Business.

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